Putin mocked for making ‘high tech military threats’ while sat next to two landlines and a fax machine

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has issued a threat to deploy nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine after he announced a partial mobilisation of troops.

Putin called up 300,000 of Russia’s reservists and claimed he was “not bluffing” with the threat of unleashing high-tech nuclear arms, but it seems some have struggled to take him seriously after he made the announcement in front of two outdated forms of communication: landline phones and a fax machine.

The pre-recorded address was broadcast on Russian state TV and has since been shared around the world.

“In its aggressive anti-Russian policy, the West has crossed every line,” Putin said. “This is not a bluff. And those who try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the weathervane can turn and point towards them.”

But on Twitter, many couldn’t get past the “1980s” tech on display during Putin’s address.

One person pointed out: “Vladimir Putin, threatening the world and claiming to have the most high tech military, next to his fax machine and two landlines.”

Someone else asked: “Why does Putin have two phones that wouldn’t look out of place in a 1990s dentist surgery…?”

Another added: “Who rings Putin on those phones , the 1980’s?”

“How can you take this w**ker seriously with those 1980s phones behind him? Tosspot,” someone else wrote.

One person summarised: “Putin bragging about modern nuclear weapons whilst sat in front on 1970s phones. K**b!”


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