From the FB page of Mikhail Saakashvili

Sept 21

Today America announced that it is ready to give Ukraine the most modern tanks – Abrams. At the same time, Spain has already started preparing Ukrainian crews. This is a very big step. Putin has helped us a lot with his stupidity. As for mobilization in Russia – my prediction is that from the planned three hundred thousand, they will hardly gather even thirty. The warcomat system has been completely destroyed and for Russia, at best, they will be on the front only at the end of the year, when everything has been decided. This is the first general mobilization since 1941. Putin has only one way left – to use a tactical nuclear weapon to provoke NATO intervention. Then he will withdraw troops and tell Russians he will concentrate on protecting Russian territory from Nato and justify a full military collapse.

By the way, all tickets for flights from Russia to abroad are sold out.
Now it is important for Georgia to completely close the border to Russians.

P. S officially announced that Russia’s main first tank army has been destroyed and ceased to exist. The main task of this army was to protect Moscow and to carry out the main attack on NATO and now shamefully ceased to exist on Ukrainian soil.


  1. No idea if this is true or not. “Ready to give” might mean it’s still some way off.
    Saakash is absolutely right to ask the border to be closed to all putlerstanis.

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    • Lend/lease should kick in soon. Hope a lot of useful things are delivered to the AFU that we may not hear about till they are splattering orcs across the fields.

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      • That would be the best way to hear about it. I wish they would quit announcing what they are getting ready to send to Ukraine. Let Putin squawk after he sees it blowing more of his cartel “army” away.


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