Finland plans to completely restrict entry for Russians – Foreign Ministry

Finland does not want to be a transit country for Russians who travel to other EU countries.

The country wants to completely restrict tourist traffic / photo:
The country wants to completely restrict tourist traffic / photo:

Finland plans to make a decision on a total entry ban for Russians soon.

Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto said at a press conference in New York that Finland is urgently preparing a decision on tourist visas for Russians, Yle reports.

“Finland does not want to be a transit country for Schengen visas issued by other countries, and now we want to control this movement,” said Haavisto.

According to Haavisto, the authorities are currently preparing a decision on how to limit this tourist movement or completely stop it, and this issue will soon be submitted to Parliament.

“There are no moral or ethical grounds for Russian tourists to continue to go on vacation, as if nothing had happened,” the Finnish Foreign Minister said.

Formerly at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland Foreign Ministry reported that more and more men of military age are striving to get from Russia to Finland. The consular department of the Foreign Ministry believes that the announcement of mobilization in Russia will exacerbate this phenomenon.

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    • Nothing good can come from ruZZian “tourism”, nothing. We saw what ruZZian tourists did in the Donbas 8 years ago. We see what ruZZian tourists do in other countries by smashing things, stealing everything, getting drunk, beating random people or using Novichok on the locals. Let them stay home and graduate to a civil society before they get any civil privileges.

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  1. Question: Is it good to keep out all the little rat’s potential cannon fodder, or is it better to allow them to enter? If they are not allowed to enter Finland (or any other European country) then they might very well be forced to fight for the cockroach army. I know of the peculiarities about letting in ruskies these days, but this newest development should at least be thought out more thoroughly. Throwing as much sand into the Kremlin’s war plan gear box is very important, and this could be one handful that helps to destroy its gears and bearings.

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