9/20/2022 – War update and commentary — Voice of Ukraine

From Jamie Peipon: The news is varied and hard to verify. Most of the details are fuzzy as operational security is such a high priority on the battlefield. The general sense of the news is that Ukraine is doing well, and Russian soldiers are a bit panicky. In the picture above, you can see a […]

9/20/2022 – War update and commentary — Voice of Ukraine


  1. An excellent use of a still smoldering rashist APC, to heat a can of 🍲 soup. May the orc scum buckets have many more instances of “friendly fire”.
    The Bible verse at the end is Psalm 40:4.

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  2. The allies have still not grasped the fact that the genocidal nazis who run RuZZia all think alike. They will NOT stop.
    Therefore the only option is to arm Ukraine so that she can win and win BIG.
    Zel’s forces are STILL fighting with one arm behind their back and putler’s economy is still flourishing.
    There needs to be a massive strategic rethink and a much greater financial commitment.
    As stated previously, the big banks can act as guarantors on the $350 billion and start paying Ukraine NOW.
    Those huge corporations still trading with putler must be forced to pay reparations: 75% of all RuZZia profits must go to Ukraine.
    The oligarchs, led by Abramovich, have STILL not been fully hit.

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      • Thank you for asking Redders.
        I’m glad to say nothing sinister happening. I’m often out and about doing various tasks and using a mobile. My fingers are often running behind my brain. Once I accidentally deleted a comment by F1, but fortunately he was able to restore it.
        Sometimes I deliberately delete my own comments and repost, rather than just use the edit button.
        Family members are pretty fed up with me constantly writing stuff when I should be doing many other things, but it’s important that we get as much info out there as possible.
        I’m particularly impressed with the LinkedIn community; very busy people, but determined to get their message across. I only publish a fraction of what they do.
        I also recommend another tireless info source : Boycott Russia Today, on FB. They never stop putting out links to key news stories and comment from their own staff.
        I am in contact with several active participants too, so I’m always checking on them.

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        • We are probably both guilty of that desire to support Ukraine. You do ramble on a bit though, lol. But it is endearing most of the time and always articulate so you won’t get any complaints from me. Yes the LinkedIn gets results and it has gotten us some exposure. Keep up the important work it is very helpful and necessary. Those files were probably your duplicates because I remember reading some of it.

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          • Actually I don’t think I “ramble on.” The articles I post are much longer than my comments. What I am guilty of is just poor writing skills. It’s never been my strong suit, so it’s a struggle to write decently.
            Since 2014, some magnificent writers have emerged that are able to present expert views in a literate and gripping manner and I could not hope to match them.
            To name just a few, I would highlight Timothy Snyder, Anne Applebaum, Con Coughlin, Alexander Motyl, Peter Dickinson and Danielle Sheridan of The Telegraph.

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