Putin ‘should have nuked Queen’s FUNERAL’ because so many Western leaders were there, Russian TV military pundit declares


Full mobilization? :-



  1. Putler is heading for full mobilization.
    Obviously it will take months, but sooner or later, shitloads more of the type of degenerates that shit in a hole in the ground and rape children will be polluting Ukraine with their foul presence.
    The defenders need to be taking out orcs in industrial quantities and they need to win this terrible war before fresh garbage arrives.
    More HIMARS; this time with ATACMS, and Reapers with Hellfire missiles needed double quick.
    It looks like Erdogan’s words about a peace deal have turned out to be total bullshit.

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  2. Typical bollocks from a talking head.

    Like all the dumb cunts there he thinks its that easy and there would be no response from any other Country.

    The fact they have just announced a mobilisation, in reality paedo was begging for more cannon fodder, tells the World they are running out of slaves.

    To then call the Ukrainians ‘Cannon fodder of the West’ is the usual moskali shit.

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