Military expert named the options for the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine after the liberation of Kherson (video)

Zhdanov described the advantages of each of them.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov told where the Armed Forces of Ukraine could go after the de-occupation of Kherson.

He expressed his opinion in an interview with GROSH.

According to him, the Ukrainian army will have two options for further actions: the liberation of Melitopol or an offensive towards ORDLO.

“Melitopol, in my opinion, is more important. Because it is the key to many issues. If we go to Melitopol and develop success, then we will approach the gates to the Crimea, cut the dry corridor to the Crimea for the Russian Federation and block the North Crimean Canal And there is a chance, if we go with a counterattack from Zaporozhye to Melitopol and from the Dnieper to Melitopol, that the Zaporizhzhya NPP will be in our hands. The city of Melitopol solves four tasks,” the expert explained.

He noted that today in the Melitopol area there is an under-assembled 3rd Army Corps, and the Russian troops had previously accumulated somewhere around 10-12 BTGs there. According to reports from the front, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been destroying enemy points in the city every day for two weeks.

“We are systematically reducing the combat capability of the group of Russian troops even in the Melitopol area,” he added.

Zhdanov called the option of an offensive towards ORDLO “quite solvable.”

“The only thing is that in eastern Ukraine we will have to use more traditional methods of warfare. We will have to attack the enemy who is on the defensive. That will be the difference. Here they do not have such a line of defense along the Dnieper and we can maneuver. And there will be positional defense , which has been formed for more than one month, it will be harder to break through it,” he said.

At the same time, Zhdanov noted that the capture of Donetsk or Lugansk would become more significant from a political point of view.

“If we say that the Kharkiv direction was a shock for them, then here it will be a crushing defeat, which can lead to a total flight and a cascade collapse of the entire defense of the Russian Federation in the southeast of Ukraine,” the expert added.

Earlier it was reported that another powerful explosion thundered at the Melitopol airfield  captured by the Russian invaders.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. AFU needs to keep playing it smart. They have demonstrated they can be full of surprises. Liberating areas will not fix everything. Lives have still been lost. Physical, emotional, and mental scars have been driven deep. With each grandma that can come out of her basement, and people can get aid, food, water, medicine, use of communications that aren’t dictated by the kremkrapper things get a little bit better.

    May God give the AFU wisdom, and divine knowledge in the way they should go to bring the sight of the Ukrainian flag flying over all sovereign territory once more. May they be swift driving the orc horde down and out of Ukraine for good. May the 🗡️ sword of the Lord go before them, causing Ukraine to triumph in victory!🇺🇦

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