Medvedev wants to “protect” occupied Donbas through sham “referendums”: this means attack on Russia


Dmitry Medvedev, the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, is convinced of the need to hold sham “referendums” in the occupied parts of Donbas region and annex them to Russia, as this will allow the invaders to talk about an attack on the Russian Federation if  hostilities continue.

Source: Medvedev on Telegram

Quote from Medvedev: “After they [the sham “referendums” – ed.] are held and the new territories are incorporated into Russia, the geopolitical transformation in the world will become irreversible. Encroachment on the territory of Russia is a crime, the perpetration of which means we can use all our forces of self-defence.”

Details: Medvedev believes that the actions of the Russians, which are contrary to international law, will have to be enshrined in the Constitution of the Russian Federation so that “no official will be able to reverse these decisions”.


  • On 19 September, the so-called public chambers of the terrorist “LPR” and “DPR” (self-proclaimed Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics) demanded the immediate launch of a referendum on their recognition as federal subjects of the Russian Federation. This is happening against the background of the advance of the counteroffensive of Ukrainian defenders from Kharkiv Oblast in Luhansk.
  • The Office of the President of Ukraine assured Russia and its allies in the occupied territories of Ukraine that sham “referendums” are a fiction that will not change anything in the legal status of the captured lands.


  1. “Encroachment on the territory of Russia is a crime, the perpetration of which means we can use all our forces of self-defence.”

    You didn’t when Ukraine bombed the crap out of Crimea, you removed everything to the safety of russia. So your bs referendum won’t work in Donbas or anywhere else in Ukraine.

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  2. Erdogan: ‘Lands which were invaded will be returned to Ukraine’
    Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan toldPBS Newshour that Russian President Vladimir Putin is willing to talk to Ukraine after Kyiv’s lighting counteroffensive pushed Russian troops out of Kharkiv Oblast.
    “He (Vladimir Putin) is actually showing me that he’s willing to end this as soon as possible. That was my impression because the way things are going right now is quite problematic.” Erdogan said.
    According to Erdogan, Russia must return all land it had occupied, including Crimea. “If peace is going to be established in Ukraine, of course, returning the land that was invaded will become really important. This is what is expected,” he added. “No invasion can be justified,” said Erdogan.
    Erdogan also said he “asked (Putin) to return Crimea to its rightful owners.”
    The Turkish president added that as a first step, “200 hostages will be exchanged upon an agreement” between Ukraine and Russia.

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