Russian TV Says Nuclear Strike on U.K. Will Turn it Into ‘Martian Desert’

A politician has said on Russian state TV that the country could strike the U.K. with nuclear weapons and turn it into a Martian desert over its involvement in Ukraine.

State Duma deputy Andrey Gurulyov, former deputy commander of Russia’s southern military district, also sent threats to the U.S. President Joe Biden, Germany and NATO.

The statements come as Ukraine conducts counteroffensives and liberates Russian-held regions in the country.

The Daily Beast‘s Julia Davis shared the video to her Twitter page on Sunday and reflected on his statements.

“Meanwhile in Russia, more of the usual: nuclear threats against Germany and Britain, cautioning NATO against going into Ukraine,” she wrote as a caption.

“This directly clashes with their lies, constantly spewed by state TV, that Russia is already at war with NATO & ‘uniformed NATO troops’ are in Ukraine.”

When asked what Russia should be ready for, Gurulyov replied “victory.” He said: “Today I heard, ‘If we don’t win…’ That is not an option, we will win.

“I’ll start at the end. We will win, we will win and survive, no matter the cost.

Gurulyov said: “I’m not rejoicing that we’re grinding [Ukrainians] up.

“All of us probably know people there. Many have friends and relatives there. But today there’s no other choice than to grind it all up.”

Gurulyov also spoke about comments Biden has made about the ongoing conflict. Biden has condemned the idea of Russia using nuclear weapons in Ukraine, but Gurulyov said Russia would not do this because its own people will eventually have to live there.

However, he did say Russia could use nuclear weapons in the U.K or Germany. He also dismissed NATO’s Article 5 agreement and downplayed the likelihood of retaliation from the military bloc.

The agreement states that, if a NATO ally is the victim of an armed attack, every other NATO member in the alliance will consider it an attack against all members and retaliate.

Gurulyov said: “We should be talking about this, a happy, well-fed German ‘Burger’ [citizenship] whose butt is already starting to get cold ahead of the coming winter.

“[Biden] should understand that if there’s a strike against the decision-making centers, the main decision-making center is Berlin.

“Not only will his house freeze up, but his entire nation will be in total chaos, which essentially means his own demise,” said Gurulyov.

“Biden says there would be a reaction, per their Article 5, but if we turn the British Isles into a Martian desert in 3 minutes flat, using tactical nuclear weapons, not strategic ones, they could use Article 5, but for whom?

“A nonexistent country, turned into a Martian desert? They won’t respond.”

Newsweek has contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation for comment.


  1. Another brainwashed terrorist believing his own propaganda. I have no doubt that NATO already have plans if the terrorists launch any nuclear strikes anywhere.

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    • I don’t believe they’re brainwashed. It’s in their DNA reinforced by three hundred years of cruelty and savagery never having to pay the price. I guess we can blame ourselves for allowing this kind of despicable behavior to continue to exist. Perhaps now this DNA will be eradicated, even if it takes many generations but I have my doubts.

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    • The Nato boss will do fuck all.
      A tiny number of Nato members have both the capability and integrity to attack RuZZia.
      It will be up to the Budapest signatories to deal with it if, God forbid, putler goes nuclear.
      The best way to stop putler or his likely equally evil successor from pressing the button is to set out very clearly what action will be taken should such an event take place.
      There is no doubt that the ruling nazi junta will kill every living Ukrainian if it can. Not only that, there would be national celebrations at the successful conclusion of their genocide.
      All that stops those vermin is the Ukrainian armed forces and their key supporters. The latter of which are still dragging their heels.
      Btw, Biden has announced that the US will fight China if it invades Taiwan.
      I agree 100% that Taiwan must be defended. BUT: Doesn’t IRA Joe understand the concept of being consistent?

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  2. Budapest memorandum is essentially dead, it amounted to little more than passive assurances of it will be ok without teeth. Minsk of course is dead also and we all know whom killed them both.

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