Pop Diva Alla Pugacheva comes out against the War

On Instagram she says Russian boys are dying for “illusory goals.”



  1. This story is more important than it seems. Pugacheva has been part of the establishment for decades. She is (or rather was) a crony of putler, Medvedev, Lukashenka and many other murderers.
    A constant on TV for decades, she has an enormous following.
    She had the courage to return to putlerstan and must be banking on her popularity to avoid defenestration or poisoning.

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  2. “On Instagram she says Russian boys are dying for “illusory goals.”

    Just curious… Would she be singing the same song if mafia land’s gang of goons were doing better in Ukraine?

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    • I thought she was a full on bloodthirsty putlerite like most (not all) entertainers in RuZZia. She is HUGE in the shithole. It came as news to me that she turned against putler back in 2014.
      As I mentioned, I’m guessing the only thing keeping her alive must be the enormous popularity she still has.

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