Orban at a closed meeting with supporters announced the collapse of the EU in the near future – media

There he stated that he would oppose the extension of anti-Russian sanctions.

Orban is known for his pro-Russian position / photo ua.depositphotos.com
Orban is known for his pro-Russian position / photo ua.depositphotos.com

Hungarian Prime Minister  Viktor Orban delivered a pro-Russian speech. In particular, he announced the collapse of the European Union until 2030, and that “Muslim migrants” will become the majority of the French population. This happened at a closed meeting of the politician with his supporters in the village of Ketch.

It is reported by  Radio Liberty.

Orban also said he would oppose a further extension of EU sanctions against Russia. According to the politician, he is alone in his opinion regarding anti-Russian restrictions, but expressed hope for a change of power in Italy.

Orban is convinced that the European Union is “shooting itself in the foot” by imposing sanctions against the Russian Federation. In particular, he believes that because of this, “up to 40% of industry will stop in Europe” in winter.

The Hungarian Prime Minister said that “there is no leader in Europe who recognizes the interests of the continent and acts accordingly, and can convince others of this.” In his opinion, earlier such a leader was Angela Merkel.

Orban also spoke about Russia’s war against Ukraine. He stated that “the war was local, but the West intervened.” He predicts the continuation of hostilities until 2030, as a result of which Ukraine will allegedly “lose a third or half of its territories.”

Earlier,  Orban  said that sanctions against the Russian Federation would “kill” the economy of the European Union.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. How long are NATO and the EU going to put up with this traitor in their ranks? It’s already a pro russian shithole, so removing them from these organisations is not going to make the situation any worse.

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  2. Why the fuck isn’t Hungary kicked out of NATO and the EU 10 years ago?
    I principle I support the European project, but because the way it is carried out I have my doubts.

    If the EU was enforcing its own rules, fine, but now it is almost becoming like the United Nations. Utterly useless and without moral values.

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  3. If the EU suspends the billions in aid to Hungary, I think Orban will cry like a baby but he will be screwed. The concept of an EU makes sense if the participants have a shared value. Not sure the three (France, Germany, Hungary) maybe a fourth, Austria, have a shared value with the others. I contend the Eastern European countries, ex Hungary, have a shared history of over three hundred years of oppression and abuse by Russia and would be great economic and military partners. Of course I include the UK.

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