About 200 Russian occupiers liquidated in Svatovo as a result of “bavovna” – Gaidai

The explosion occurred tonight, in a hotel at the old bus station, where the Russian occupiers are located.

Tonight in Svatovo there was an explosion in the premises of the former bus station / photo Sergei Gaidai
Tonight in Svatovo there was an explosion in the premises of the former bus station / photo Sergei Gaidai

As a result of the night “bavovna” in the temporarily occupied Svatovo , Lugansk region, about 200 soldiers of the Russian army were liquidated.

This was announced by the head of the Lugansk regional military administration, Serhiy Gaidai, on the air of the information telethon , commenting on the operational situation and the “bavovna” in the Luhansk region.

“I can say that this “bavovna” is happening quite aptly somewhere. Because it is clearly happening in some hotels or hostels, or in other premises where representatives of the Russian army live compactly. They have had big losses lately “Only last night in Svatovo there was an explosion in the former bus station, then a hotel was built there. And somewhere around 200 soldiers of the Russian army died there,” Gaidai said.VIDEO OF THE DAYplay video

He added that the invaders in the temporarily occupied territories of the Luhansk region are preparing for defense, jamming the Internet and mobile communications and intensifying checks among local residents.

“By and large, now we see that they are pulling troops to the front line, preparing for defense. They are preparing carefully, but the trains also explode and they may also have certain problems with ammunition. The occupiers are very, very active now completely jamming all communications – both mobile and Internet, and thorough checks suit the local population,” Gaidai stressed.

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    • Good summary. I read the other day about our efforts to exit China. I am very glad that the US has finally reached that point of getting the economic divorce from this trash country that I saw as essential for our survival. It’s unfortunate for the companies that will lose their Chinese assets in the near future over this, but I can’t really say that I care. One bad thing about this is that the rest of the West is still willing to suck many little Chinese dicks to earn a buck. But, I suspect that they too will be forced to face reality over China in the near future, and/or as a repercussion of our measures taken.
      And, pertaining to Putin; he found himself between the proverbial rock and hard place as soon as his pathetic gang of goons fucked up his “special military operation”. I saw it coming that Xi would squeeze the rat’s little balls even more than he already had been before the war even started. As a matter of fact, the superb performance of our weapons in Ukraine has been a lesson learned not only for mafia land, but for the chinks too. That was a valuable display of our power to the chinks, who, now more than ever, will think twice to attack Taiwan.

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