Ukraine advances in talks with US to provide F-16s and Patriot air defense systems – Politico

Evgenia Sokolenko 09:52, 17.09.22 UNIAN

Now the discussion is at an early stage in the US Department of Defense.

Ukraine wants to get F-16 / US Air Force fighter
Ukraine wants to get F-16 / US Air Force fighter

Ukraine has made significant progress in negotiations with the United States on the supply of F-16 aircraft, Patriot air defense systems and Gray Eagle UAVs.

It is reported by  Politico .

It is noted that Ukraine has ceased to publicly demand these weapons from the United States.

“Behind the scenes, the search for weapons that could turn the tide of the war continues. In recent weeks, there has been a transition from loud calls for the supply of air defense systems and fighter jets to quiet negotiations,” the sources added. 

Discussions on the Patriot issue are now at an early stage in the US Department of Defense, but the final decision will be made by President Joe Biden, the interlocutors said.

But the fact that officials are talking about such a possibility is a major shift from this spring when they dismissed the idea.

One of the obstacles to a positive decision on the Patriot is the relative lack of these air defense systems, because they are deployed in US allies in Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific.

However, the Pentagon signed a $182 million contract with Raytheon Technologies to manufacture the NASAMS mobile air defense system. The first two systems should be delivered within the next two months.

“If the plan goes through, it is likely that the US will sign a contract with Raytheon to build additional systems for Kyiv, instead of transferring Patriot batteries from US stockpiles,” the sources said. 

As UNIAN wrote, on September 8, US President Joe Biden approved the allocation of a new  $675 million military aid package to Ukraine .


    • Biden never inspires confidence. He was a do nothing his entire time in the Senate and has been a waste of oxygen since.

      The best move Ukraine can make is simply quietly ask for what they are after and convince the US administration to quietly send it. The weapons will have a far better effect if they suddenly appear and are discovered through the effect they have on the Orcs.

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  1. F-16s would be nice in the fact that there are a lot available. However Swedish Gripen would be a better fit for UKAF because they are lower maintenance and do not require as big of a spot to operate out of.

    I agree Sir Oh, that these systems have a far better effect if they just appear out of nowhere, and are discovered by the devastation done to the orcs.

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