The Armed Forces of Ukraine have superiority: terrorist Girkin noted an unhappy picture for the Russian Federation on all fronts (video)

According to him, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a lot of missiles, and new deliveries are expected from the West.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have a clear superiority on all fronts / photo General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
The Armed Forces of Ukraine have a clear superiority on all fronts / photo General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Terrorist Igor Strelkov (Girkin) once again complained about the Russian military leadership and praised the Armed Forces of Ukraine .

On the YouTube channel, the militant expressed his opinion on why an unhappy picture emerges for the Russian occupation forces in all sectors of the front.

“Why am I talking specifically about the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine? It is simply obvious that the battle for the initiative, which I spoke about back in June, was completely won by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now, until they are successfully repelled, our troops will not seize the initiative. The enemy ( Ukrainian troops – UNIAN) possesses superiority in manpower in all sectors of the front, in all directions. In some sectors of the front, he achieved an advantage not only in manpower, but also in technology. The enemy managed not only to achieve parity in missile forces with our troops, but also due to the high accuracy of Western systems, due to the receipt of a large number of MLRS and a huge number of missiles for them, primarily HIMARS, he even achieved some superiority in striking at near and far tactical rear of our troops, hitting warehouses, headquarters and command posts,” says Girkin.

According to the militant, as he knows from reports from the fronts, the Armed Forces of Ukraine boldly spend HIMARS missiles even on targets that are not critical.

“For example, today a full package of HIMARS arrived at the administration of the city of Kherson at the time when a meeting was being held there. It was very lucky that the missiles hit (and one of them hit directly into the office of the head of administration) at the moment when people gathered in the hall “, which the missiles did not hit. If everyone had been at their workplaces, there would have been much more victims. Still, three employees of the administration died, one bystander, 5 people were injured, there is a lot of destruction. But it could be much worse! ” Girkin said.

He confirmed that the bridges in the Kherson region were completely destroyed.

“Now the enemy does not hesitate to use HIMARS – from concentrating equipment to a moving company – they will hit someone! They have a lot of missiles! And given that there is information that Excalibur shells are coming to them, moreover, in large quantities, hundreds. And this 155-mm projectile, an analogue of our “Krasnopol”, only guided not by a laser designator, but by satellite guidance, operating on the principle of one shot – one hit target. These shells are intended to destroy guns, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, positions, mortars and etc. These shells, most likely, will be used by the enemy in the next offensive. In general, the picture is not happy, “complains Girkin.

He noted that the question is, what can Russian troops oppose?

“Our troops have finally begun to prepare for a strategic defense: laying minefields, digging trenches, creating second echelons of defense. Only now! After the enemy offensive in the Kharkov region. That is, our troops are preparing to passively defend themselves and hope to positions in February-March. This is the picture that emerged as a result of the loss by our troops of the battle in the Kharkiv region, which our Ministry of Defense very elegantly disguised under the words of “successfully carried out regrouping”. Before that there was a “de-escalation”, now a “successful regrouping”, probably exactly according to plan and well ahead of schedule,” the terrorist said.

Earlier, Girkin  predicted a quick breakthrough of the Ukrainian defenders to the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov and directly to Volnovakha and Mariupol: with luck, “the front can collapse in the same way as near Izyum.”

And before that, the militant  caused a panic due to the defeats of the Russian army in the Kharkov region .

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. “That is, our troops are preparing to passively defend themselves and hope to positions in February-March.”

    There is a lot of wishful thinking in this sentence.

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