Russia repeats in Ukraine what the Nazis did, except that it does not make soap out of people – Zelensky

According to him, wherever there is Ukraine, there will be a Ukrainian flag and this atrocity – rashism – will not remain anywhere.

Russian occupiers organize camps where they gather people to kill / screenshot
Russian occupiers organize camps where they gather people to kill / screenshot

The Russian occupiers repeat in Ukraine what the Nazis did, except that they do not make soap out of people, they do not make lampshades out of leather.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said this in an evening address to Ukrainians, which was published on Telegram .

He noted that today their days should be celebrated in several Ukrainian cities – City Days, in particular, in Kherson and Berdyansk, which still remain under the control of the occupiers.

“For now. No matter what forces the invaders spend on them, no matter what they say, our Kherson and our Berdyansk did not lose their Ukrainian soul for one minute, did not lose faith in Ukraine for one minute. And not for one minute we We do not forget about them and will definitely return,” the President of Ukraine stressed.

He noted that other regions would also be liberated, all of our land, as well as the Kiev region, Chernihiv region, Sumy and Kharkov regions.

“Wherever there is Ukraine, there will be our flag, and nowhere will this atrocity remain – rashism, which repeats what the Nazis did. They only don’t make soap out of people, they don’t make lampshades out of leather … The scale is not for the whole of Europe. .. But the principle is the same,” Zelensky stressed.

According to him, the Russian occupiers organize camps where they gather people to kill.

“Deportations. Burnt cities and villages, completely destroyed – nothing remains alive after rashism. Rocket terror. Mass graves. Torture. The cruelest mockery of still living people. And the boundless, undisguised hatred with which they justify this war, which they and started,” the President of Ukraine said.

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  1. But yes what he’s saying is it’s not the same scale and there are few atrocities done by the Nazis that have not been done by the ruZZians. Another point to remember is President Zelensky had family that died in the Holocaust.

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    • That Zelensky has family die in the holocaust is completely beside the point. I agree with him on the acts of Russians in the war and how they have behaved.


  2. I couldn’t quite see some of your comments the way out conversation is showing up on this device. But bottom line you believe it was debunked and I believe Nazis actually did such things. I did look into your references and it didn’t convince me otherwise. I believe Zelensky knows what he is talking about in referencing those two items.

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    • No I don’t “believe.” The data simply doesn’t show it, and even at the time the original accusations were made, they were not shown by any evidence to be true.


  3. In reference to the conversation I’d noticed here, I’d like to point out that sadly, the “at-a-distance” nature of the internet means that while it helps more people to see the information, it also makes it more difficult to prove the facts of an argument. Sometimes we need to get it in person, or a source that has impeccable trustworthiness.

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    • I think because of what I’d mentioned, that most of the people I know here in the United States, didn’t believe at first, the massive Ukrainian victories around Kharkiv. At least not until nearly everyone was talking about it.

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  4. That’s why people who lived it or closer to the events are better sources that distant spectators or speculators. An odd bit of psychology is people prefer to believe what they prefer to be true. But in this age is seems people think all truth is subjective. (Such as I like ice cream) But there is an absolute truth that is still true whether or not it’s believed or agreed with.

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