Georgia proposes to hold a referendum and ask if Georgians want war with Russia

Sept 14

The leadership of Georgia is discussing about organising a nationwide referendum and ask the question: do the Georgians want a war with Russia?

Giorgi Kobakhidze, chairman of the party, made such a statement at a briefing in the office of the ruling Georgian Dream party.

“Let the people say whether they want to open a second front in Georgia against Russia,” Mr. Kobakhidze emphasized.

He promised that the authorities “will act as the people say.”

The politician expressed hope that the Georgian people “will bring clarity, whether he agrees with the statements of Ukrainian politicians about the need to involve Georgia in the war or with the position of the authorities of his country.”

This is how Irakli Kobakhidze responded to the statement of Fyodor Venislavsky, representative of the President of Ukraine in the Parliament, who advised Georgia “to take concrete steps to liberate Abkhazia and South Ossetia.”

Earlier, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov, as well as advisers to the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak and Oleksiy Arestovich, publicly addressed Tbilisi with similar advice.

“They all directly said that the opening of the second front in Georgia is highly desirable,” the head of the Georgian Dream recalled at the same briefing.

The Odessa Journal



  1. This seemingly mad story is confirmed by Georgian TV.

    On the FB page of an an American-Ukrainian blogger; named Ed Skibicki, last night appeared the following:

    Breaking news:

    “Reports starting to come in that Georgian army moving towards borders of temporarily Russian-occupied South Ossetia.”


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      • Of course we all want Georgia to take back the 20% of its land that was thieved in 2008, that almost goes without saying.
        But there is something very weird going on that smells of kremkrapp.
        If Georgian forces enter Russian occupied territory, putler will go for a full scale invasion that Georgia would be powerless to stop.
        But why would they telegraph their intentions in this way by announcing a referendum? In a clean referendum, 90% would vote to retake those lands, so the govt would be committed to go ahead.
        But as we know, Georgian Dream is owned, bought and paid for by Bidzina Ivanishvili, a Russian oligarch with a Georgian name. He is in fact as Brian Whitmore says, a “custodian of Russian money.”
        Is this kremlin trickery, with Ivanishvili’s collusion, to engineer a situation where Russia marches in and annexes Georgia?
        That’s what I’m afraid of.

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  2. I think the obvious attitude is not to seek war, but to be ready to beat the hell out of any enemy that seeks it themselves. Strategically located military positions, even with exceptionally powerful weapons can be deployed for defense, if as a forceful show of retaliation against an undeserved first strike. It was a similar arrangement during the Cold War, the consequences of mutually assured destruction meant that neither side wanted to make that first strike, if it ultimately meant death for all involved. Since no one wanted to make that first strike then, it kept war reduced to more regional fights unlike the world wars. Peace, though uneasy.

    Ukraine has proved itself competent in this. I believe Georgia is in a similar situation, though they have less than Ukraine, so mutual assistance against the common enemy should help restrain the russian bear.

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  3. Of course, a reunited Georgia would be a grand thing to accomplish and very welcome. The big question is, naturally, if mafia land is currently weak enough to allow a Georgian victory. And, if Georgia really should go ahead with this, another question is, will this cause a domino effect, i.e. will other countries and territories follow suit and try to wrest free from mafia land?
    If not now, when???

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  4. Recently sounded like putler was going to, or did pull some of the estimated 20,000 troops from occupied areas of Georgia. With putler back peddling and scrambling to find more meat puppets it could very well be an opportune time for Georgia to reclaim that land. But with it being pushed by a mouth piece of the Kremlin I agree with Sir Scradge that something doesn’t quite pass the smell test. Georgian’s have quite a presence in Ukraine and such a move would most likely pull them back to their homeland.
    Seems I recently read about putler pulling troops from several other countries including Armenia (est. 3,000 troops)which is another area that is increasingly becoming unstable with Azerbaijan.
    A couple other places also that may give putler migraines in the near future as well. Looking like open season to fight against the ruscists and it’s allies.

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  5. I hope it is not true.
    The Georgian army isn’t in great shape. It is small and they lack modern equipment. They have no proper air defence and also no air force. They have no drones so very limited options for reconnaissance.

    Also it is a mountainous area so it is quite easy to defend.

    The Georgian Army is like 5% of the Ukrainian army in terms of manpower, equipment and experience (the war in Georgia in 2008 lasted about a week).

    Also, only a tiny percentage of the population lives in the occupied territories and they the economic value of the area is close to 0, probably even negative as they do not produce anything and only live of Russian subsidies.

    I don’t think we know what the Russians have left: I don’t think they have nothing left in the East and maybe the Southern military district. It takes just a few fighter jets and bombers to take out the Georgian army or bomb some cities to retaliate.

    Also, I think when the Putin regime falls and the economy collapsed, the Russians may be more than willing to give the North of Georgia back, as it is currently draining their budget by more than they can sustain.

    I wouldn’t risk so many human lives to take back (even though most of it was never under Georgian control since 1990 if I am not mistaken) for an undeveloped and poorly accessible piece of land, if there is a chance to get it for free.

    And yes, this Trojan Horse inside the country prevents NATO membership, but I think there are many other factors that prevents Georgia from obtaining membership, mostly because it is far from any other NATO member state and it is hard to defend, while it does not add anything to the alliance in terms of military might.

    And for some reason the Georgian Dream party that is covertly pro-Russian (although it is strongly divided) still has a tight grip on the country.

    I do love Georgia and I like the country to be re-united, but I think human lives are more important than some mountains where barely anyone lives. And no, I do not overestimate Russia and I know that there is a chance they would lose the occupied territories, but we should not pretend that Georgia is anything like Ukraine: Georgia has maybe 25.000 soldiers while Ukraine has 700.000+ and a shitload of equipment from the Soviet-era and from Western partners. Georgia has none of that.

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  6. Georgia would be foolish to go to war with Russia at this point. I hate that Russia sits on a lot of their land, but support for them is not available as long as Ukraine is sucking that up. Ukraine must win first. When that happens Russia will be in dire straits. Once God puts a hook in their mouth and draws them south, and back to Syria, much of what remains of Russia’s military will be involved and then will destroyed on the mountains of Israel as detailed in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. What is happening in Ukraine is setting Russia up for that.


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