From the FB page; UkraineWorld

Sept 16, 2022

A volunteer Ukrainian paramedic Yuliya “Taira” Paievska who was captured by Russians in Mariupol and held for three months told U.S. lawmakers about the deplorable conditions of her captivity. We publish some of Yuliya’s quotes.

“Pregnant female prisoners, neither their relatives nor the state know about their fate. A Ukrainian fighter who was beaten by the Russians for 3 hours and then thrown into the basement like a sack. And only a day later someone came to him,” that’s how Yuliya describes the horrors of captivity.

“A dead child in his mother’s arms. A 7-year-old boy with bullet wounds who died in my arms, because in this case I couldn’t help him” said Taira.

According to her words, prisoners were screaming and dying from torture in their cells for weeks without any medical help.

Yuliya talks about Mariupol: “My friend whose eyes I closed before his death… And another friend… And another, and another. A city of half a million was dying before my eyes under airstrikes – methodical, planned.”

“Airstrikes on hospitals and residential areas… Rescuers were getting bodies of women and children mutilated beyond recognition from under the rubble. People were fetching water from puddles. Houses were looted.”

“Dogs that were once pets were dragging human limbs through the streets of the city,” Tayra describes the consequences of the Russian invasion of Mariupol.

It is critical that the world hear the stories of those who endured the worst under captivity and occupation. We hope that all the terrible evidence of this war be documented at the international level. And criminals will be punished.



  1. “According to her words, prisoners were screaming and dying from torture in their cells for weeks without any medical help.”
    Think about that for a second: unimaginable horror that could make a person suicidal.
Putinoid vermin would be rubbing their hands with glee and laughing; which was the reaction btw of Lenin each day when informed by his minions about his hated enemy; the kulaks. He loved to hear about his thugs stringing them up on the branches of their own trees.

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  2. Here’s a couple more quotes from her:
    Paievska, who said she suffered headaches during her detention as the result of a concussion from an earlier explosion, told lawmakers she asked her captors to let her call her husband, to let him know what had happened to her.

    “They said, ‘You have seen too many American movies. There will be no phone call,’” she recounted.

    Her tormentors during her detention would sometimes urge her to kill herself, she said.

    “I said, ‘No. I will see what happens tomorrow,”’ she said.

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    • Putin’s genocide must be answered in the strictest and most harsh way possible….or this will happen again to someone else. I really hope countries that don’t provide weapons to Ukraine will at least send investigators and lawyers to help Ukraine prosecute Putin’s war crimes. Then the drones can begin to search for him.

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