Russian Mir in Ukraine

This is a view of the “Russian World”, brought to you by bombs, shells, rockets and an endless procession of hideous crimes.

By OFP, Sept. 15, 2022

In the so-called “special military operation”, a lie in itself, the Russians wanted to eliminate the “Nazis” of Ukraine, who, by their account, had seized power and were committing genocide in the country, in particular in the Donbass. Sane minds know that these claims are not only baseless allegations but outrageous lies. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is Russia itself, that has adopted fascist methodologies. And, in this respect, it is following closely Josef Geobbel’s concepts of propaganda. The most important aspects are; accusing others of what you are guilty of and repeating blatant lies so often, that morons switch off their brains and believe them. The only things missing are the concentration camps … as far as we know. We also know about the Russian regime possessing attributes of a kleptocracy and of an organized crime syndicate. All of these systems combined are what is known as Putinism.

Vladimir Putin attacked an innocent neighboring country this year, based on pure lies. He has not brought freedom to Ukraine, denazified anything, nor has he protected its population. His crime-ridden military is hard at work bringing fascism to Ukraine, destroying Ukraine’s identity and many of its people. It bombs and shells as much of the country as possible. Civilian targets are every bit as legitimate as military ones. Alas, they’ve targeted more civilian infrastructure than military ones.

The following images were taken in Bucha, Gostomel, Irpin and Bordyanka. They depict Russia’s darkness, its evilness and its filthy lies. It shows the Русский мир – Russian World.

The tour started here, at the bridge of the Irpin River, connecting the city of Kyiv and Irpin, seen in the far background. This is what the bridge looks like today. Notice the white van lying below, upside down
A new bridge is currently being built beside the destroyed one
A few kilometers onward, in Irpin, is this large pile of cars. They were a part of a convoy, trying to flee Irpin across the bridge shown above. They were cleared from the roadway and piled up here
Shockingly, it was obvious that many of the cars had been shot at. Many caught fire and thus set others on fire. Our tour guide said that nearly 300 people died as a result. Their “crime” was only to flee the combat zone.
Clearly, one can see the many shrapnel holes. Bullet holes can also be seen in the sheet metal of this van and on many other vehicles.
Some VIPs with a police escort arrived to view the pile of cars just as we were departing.
Irpin: This was a small shopping center and bowling alley
What looks like a star-spangled night sky are really countless shrapnel holes in the shopping center’s tin roof
The House of Culture in Irpin. A Russian shell had exploded on the cobbled sidewalk
A destroyed hallway in a severely damaged apartment building, blackened by fire
This used to be a family’s home just a few months ago before Ruskie Mir came for a visit
This too
An exclusive apartment building in Irpin
This apartment building received direct hits from tanks
The T-34 sticker seems ironic
Gostomel: This Ukrainian T-64 was set on fire by its crew to prevent it from falling into the hands of the enemy
This was a housing area in Gostomel for military personnel and their families. It is located near the Gostomel airfield, where the famous fight with Russian VDV (airborne troops) took place
Every building in the housing area was badly damaged or practically destroyed
Gostomel housing area
Gostomel housing area
Gostomel housing area
This was a shopping complex in Bucha
Another view of the Bucha shopping complex
Police station in Borodyanka
A kind helping hand from Latvia in Borodyanka
There are several apartment buildings along Вулю Центральна (Central Street) in Borodyanka, which were bombed by Russian aircraft in February of this year. It’s anyone’s guess why it was necessary to obliterate apartment buildings. You can almost forgive artillery for doing this, being out of sight, but pilots?
Thank God, the Ukrainian flag flies above liberated Borodyanka once again, alas, amidst ruins
The guide explained that 26 people died in the basement of this ruined apartment building in Borodyanka. As some survivors cried for help after the attack, Russian soldiers refused permission for the people to be rescued. They had to suffer a terrible death beneath the tons of rubble.
A view of another ruin that used to be home to a family. Notice the steel door, bent out of shape and ripped out of its locked position from the force of the bomb blast
Here too, Russian Mir came for a brief visit
And here too
And here…
And here…
This washing machine stayed safe from orc marauders
The orcs shot up this little monument of Taras Shevchenko. He is a representative of Ukrainian culture, and so they wanted to destroy this too.
In the end, Ukraine will win and rise to be a powerful democracy! Слава Україні!
Слава його героям!


  1. “Without gas or without you? Without you. Without light or without you? Without you. Without water or without you? Without you. Without food or without you? Without you,”
    Zelensky was absolutely right!
    And, Ukraine can do without death, rape, looting and destruction too.

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  2. How is such evil and savagery to be avenged?
    Firstly, win the war and win big, by inflicting massive orc casualties.
    Over to you allies: give them ATACM’s fucking now. Plus everything else they need. NOW.
    Then, take that $350bn of sequestered putinazi cash to build a fucking huge army, Air Force and navy. Rebuilding the country can and should be done by the allies and the banks.
    Pursue the putinazis through the courts for reparations, press for much tougher sanctions and demand the handover of war criminals to The Hague.
    Form a number of undercover squads to enter putlerstan, find the worst war criminals and torture them to death using putinazi methodology.
    Btw facts, in your excellent article you mentioned concentration camps. Well, the putinazis have them. They call them “filtration camps.” We can well imagine how horrific these are. Or rather we can’t, because they are worse than our imagination can envisage.

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    • Yes, Scradge, I was thinking about the filtration camps when I mentioned concentration camps, but I didn’t want to go that far, although I think that you are right about that.

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  3. Liked Sir OFP and Sir Scradge’s comments. A picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures are truly heart breaking. I can’t imagine however what it is like to see it in person let alone having lived through it.

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  4. I’m familiar with many of the places in these images. The buildings can be rebuilt, but not the lives taken away by the subhumans calling themselves russians. Yet the West are pussyfooting around before they will call this excuse of a country, a state sponsor of terrorism.

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    • Foccusser, the Three Stooges, Scholz, Macron and Draghi, had visited the exclusive apartments, shown in the one image above, and looked at other terrible scenes, and saw first hand what the cockroaches had done. Yet, despite this, they are still not doing anywhere near what they could do to help Ukraine. It’s a disgusting shame.

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