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Sept 15

During the speech to the Senate, U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell called on the Joe Biden administration to provide more lethal weapons to Ukraine.

“The Ukrainians need more of the weapons we’ve been giving them, they need to start getting them faster, and they also need new capabilities like longer-range ATACMS, larger drones, and tanks,” stated McConnell.

“Ukrainian Forces are working wonders with Western equipment. They’ve quickly integrated cutting-edge systems like HIMARS and Javelin and Stinger missiles,” he added.


  1. For those of you who don’t know, McConnell is a right wing guy. So I’d appreciate stop characterizing left or right as being pro or against Ukraine. Seems to be an individual thing not left or right IMHO

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    • He’s a mainstream conservative. He has a long track record of opposition to putler going back at least ten years or more. Conservatives never support putler. Liberals never support putler. The far left and far right almost universally support putler.
      His views are similar to Marco Rubio, who is also a conservative with a long track record of opposition to putler. As does another southern conservative; the excellent Lindsay Graham.
      The best southern conservative of all is Roger Wicker. If only he was a presidential candidate!

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      • How about Ron Johnson or Grassley who very right of center. Their northern senators whit hate Putin. Whereas Bernie Sanders or Bloomberg both very left. Bloomberg hates Putin while Sanders wants to marry the fuckin asshole. The list goes on and on and on. I hold to my viewpoint that it’s an individual thing not left or right.

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        • Show me a real conservative and I’ll show you an anti-putler. Show me a fascist; I’ll show you a putlerite. Show me a Marxist; I’ll show you a putlerite.
          As previously stated, McConnell is not on the far right. So of course he does not support putler. Obviously I don’t know as many of the characters on the US scene as you do and all people are individuals with their own positions. The two people you name are not far right.
          However is is an indisputable fact that if you are on the far right or far left you have a very high likelihood of being sympathetic to putler. The reason is that the far left are Marxists by definition. All Marxists support putler for the same reason they support izlamonazis. Anyone who wants to destroy the west is a hero to them. Sanders is a Marxist without any doubt. Bloomberg is not; he’s a capitalist businessman with socialistic views; similar to Jack Dorsey.
          If you are a genuine conservative you oppose putler; simple as that. The far right are not conservatives. Many of them hide what they really are. Eg Michael Savage claims to be an “independent conservative.” He’s not; he’s a putinoid fascist. Ditto Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson.
          The Marxist wing of the UK Labour Party all support putler, for the reasons I mentioned. The UK Conservative party has no putlerites. The far right parties like BNP, UKIP, EDF and others all support putler because they believe in fascism and putler is a textbook example for them.
          The far right inside the GOP are putlerites without exception. One of them, Rand Paul, is a Russian agent. Others, such as Marjorie Taylor-Greene etc, just behave like one.


          • Honestly labels are dead. Recall republicans are the hawks and the democrats are the doves. The left and far left love autocracy and big government taking care of everyone while the right and far right believe in individual freedom. Republicans especially the far right have never been isolationists while the far left were. Not it seems reversed. There are no labels. You’re either for Ukraine and the values of a peace living independent country or you’re a fuckin asshole. Those are my two labels.

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            • You greatly over-complicate what are quite straightforward matters. You implied that McConnell being right wing would suggest he should be a putlerite. I pointed out that true conservatives never support putler. Support for putler in the west comes almost exclusively from the far left and far right. That’s not theory, it’s fact.

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