From the LinkedIn page of Irina Mirochnik

Sept 16

🍻🤪 #Putin was worried about the general #drunkenness of officials: they began to drink more since the beginning of the #war

Recently, ministers, their deputies, governors, heads of state corporations, and members of the presidential administration and even the Security Council have been addicted to drinking, one source in the Kremlin told Meduza

And Putin is especially worried about people from his inner circle: discipline suffers, reports become slurred, the interlocutors of the publication say – but no specific names are given.

It would seem, where does #Medvedev??? – and read his telegram channel – the Security Council of the #Russian Federation – aerobatics

Are you sure that the #nuclear briefcase is still in the #Kremlin?

#people #security #nuclearweapons

One comment

  1. Proof that putler’s butt boy has been a drunken fuck for years.
    How symbolic and ironic that in this pic that he is being propped up by not one, but two Russian agents of influence.
    Berlusconi is not just a corrupt putler shill like Sarkozy, he is a close personal friend with putler going back more than two decades.
    Hopefully the keen nazi Medvedev’s next suicide attempt will be successful.

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