AFU Carries Out One Of Most Brilliant Military Operations Of Modern Times

Russian Federation forces have suffered their biggest defeat since the Second World War


Justin Bronk, a researcher at the Royal United Services Institute in London, said Ukraine conducted one of the greatest counterattacks in modern history in Kharkiv region. Moreover, it was the biggest defeat for the Russian occupation army since the Second World War.

Ukraine’s armed forces are now struggling to keep their momentum on the battlefield, while dictator Vladimir Putin has no adequate options to respond. Bronk revealed this in an article for the Daily Mail.

According to the military expert, Russian troops will surrender en masse and hope that the turning point in the war has finally arrived. Meanwhile, the Kremlin is determined to look for options to respond to its biggest military defeat in Ukraine since Russia retreated from areas near Kyiv after a failed attempt to seize the capital at the beginning of the invasion.

Bronk also hinted that the Russian army’s defeat in Kharkiv region would not be the last this year.

“It was one of the most successful counter-attacks we have seen in modern history, in terms of territory conquered at a given rate of advance. Ukraine “lured” Russia into agreeing to a battle of attrition at a very considerable military disadvantage. It will now be difficult for Russia to avoid further disasters before winter,” said Justin Bronk.

It was previously reported that the successful counter-offensive by the AFU in Kharkiv Region and the flight of the Russian occupation army indicates a significant turning point in Russia’s war against Ukraine. The latest events showed that Putin’s troops are not capable of holding the occupied positions, much less going on the offensive.


  1. “According to the military expert, Russian troops will surrender en masse and hope that the turning point in the war has finally arrived.”

    The key now is momentum. If Ukraine can keep up the speed of advancement, the cockroaches won’t be able to respond accordingly. Their methodology is that of a large destructor, lumbering along in slow speed behind a wall of artillery and rocket fire. What Ukraine has forced upon them is not their style of fight. Their troops and their command structure cannot react in sufficient speed to stop Ukraine’s momentum.
    However, this success is a surprise to everyone, including the Ukrainians. This means that they might not have the required reserves to keep up the pace of advance. The forces currently in the fight will exhaust themselves without adequate reserves. We’ll see…
    Does anyone know the status of all the UA troops being trained in the west?

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    • The British army announced that 5000 Ukrainian troops have been trained since Boris’s latest initiative. Infantrymen on urban warfare, artillerymen on MLRS’s and various other specialists. I think they are either on their way now or already in action.
      The UK expects to turn over 10,000 troops every three months. I believe instructors are also there from other friendly countries too.

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  2. Retired US General Kellogg expressed something similar but he went further and said the key to destroying Putin is Kherson. From there once the UAF can get into parts of Crimea, he feels Putin is done.

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