Occupiers Want To Redeploy 4 Battalions Of Kadyrov’s Military To Kherson – Intelligence


The Russian occupiers plan to redeploy 4 battalions of Kadyrov’s military near Kherson.

This was reported by the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to intelligence, the occupiers are currently trying to strengthen their group near the temporarily occupied Kherson at the expense of “available reserves.”

“For this purpose, the redeployment of 4 battalions of the so-called Kadyrov’s military is planned,” intelligence noted.

However, at the moment, these units are significantly understaffed, and most of the personnel are not Chechens, but mercenaries from the poorest regions of the Russian Federation.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, yesterday, September 13, the Ukrainian military repelled the attack of the Russian invaders in the areas of eight settlements.

The Russian occupiers on the right bank of the Dnieper River are ready to lay down their arms and come under the auspices of international humanitarian law, i.e. replenish the exchange fund.

The Russian occupiers are using helicopters to search for deserting soldiers fleeing from combat positions in Kherson region. In addition, through Kalanchak, in the direction of the temporarily occupied Crimea, there is an intensive movement of unarmed Russian soldiers by buses.



  1. These Tik-Tok ding-dongs won’t do any fighting. They will only murder any ruskie soldiers that might try to retreat or desert. But, I hope that they will get involved in fighting anyway. Then, they will know how it is to get decimated, like many other Kadyrovites before them had to learn.

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  2. Is this supposed to scare Ukraine? These cardboard soldiers will run just like the rest when faced against real soldiers, as happened in Gostomel and other areas in Ukraine.

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