Moscow City Court liquidated the Trade Union of Journalists and Media Workers

The Moscow City Court granted the prosecutor’s office’s demand to liquidate the interregional public organization Trade Union of Journalists and Mass Media Workers, Interfax reports .

In June 2022, the prosecutor’s office applied to the Moscow City Court with a demand to liquidate the trade union. The reason for this, Kommersant writes , was an unscheduled inspection that the Moscow prosecutor’s office conducted in May.

According to the representative of the department, during the audit, “gross fatal violations” were identified. The prosecutor also stated that members of the trade union were repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility for participating in uncoordinated actions (for example, in support of “foreign agents” media and  journalist Ivan Safronov ) and dissemination of publications with “illegal information”.

Maksim Krupsky, a lawyer representing the trade union, declined to comment on the court’s decision to liquidate the organization, saying only that the state’s main claims were limited to the trade union’s support for journalists persecuted on political grounds. The lawyer added that the prosecutor’s office and the Ministry of Justice did not provide documents explaining the need to liquidate the organization, SOTA reports .

The trade union of journalists was created in Russia after  the attack  in March 2016 on media workers and human rights activists, which took place on the road from Ingushetia to Grozny. According  to  the union, in the spring of 2020, the organization had 600 active members.

In July 2022, the organization suspended its activities at the request of the prosecutor’s office due to the initiation of an administrative case on “discrediting” the Russian army. In early August, the Tagansky Court of Moscow fined the Trade Union of Journalists 500,000 rubles under this article.

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  1. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I’d read about this other article in my news, apparently the anger against putin isn’t limited to the average Russian. I’d hoped that if the local politicians (including the mayor of Moscow) are turning against putin, then maybe that’s a chance for them to have real elections for a change towards better things.

    But not if the press is shut down by their government.

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    • Mac, they all are rotten to the core. Every so-called politician, as they are a part of putlerism. Putlerism doesn’t accommodate free and fair elections.

      Liked by 2 people

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