Kremlin Recognized Defeat in Kharkiv Region: Why?

Sept. 14, 2022

The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine has named the reasons for the Kremlin recognizing the retreat of its forces from the Kharkiv region.

That’s according to the watchdog’s report posted on Telegram, as seen by Ukrinform.

“At first, the Kremlin called Russia’s failure in Kharkiv a “gesture of goodwill” and an “organized withdrawal of Russian troops from Kharkiv region to Donetsk region,” just as their defeats had been veiled before. But this time, the authorities faced massive criticism from all strata of the Russian population, including from the opposition,” the statement reads.

The U.S.-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW) analyzed the possible reasons for Russia’s open recognition of military defeat for the first time since it invaded Ukraine. ISW experts believe that Putin is forced to accept defeat, demonstrating public visibility of the existing gap between the Kremlin and the Ministry of Defense.

“At the same time, Kremlin officials and state media propagandists are focused on softening and shifting criticism away from Putin for the devastating failure and putting the blame for the loss of almost the entire territory of the previously captured Kharkiv region on the military command and, apparently, insufficiently informed military advisers from the dictator’s entourage,” the CCD emphasized.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, Russia’s Ministry of Defense is trying to convince the domestic audience the retreat of the Russian troops in the Izyum-Balaklya area was a “feint.”


  1. “ISW experts believe that Putin is forced to accept defeat, demonstrating public visibility of the existing gap between the Kremlin and the Ministry of Defense.”

    Some facts simply cannot be buried with piles of bullshit lies.

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  2. I have wondered if this has been a feint by Russia to withdraw and then to attack again some time in the future after recovering. But if that’s the conniving scheme, then it means that Ukraine must remain vigilant against Russian spies and manipulations. I’d suggest that Ukraine should tighten up the guard on their border with Russia, and be careful to check for kremlin agents at the other borders too. If there’s one thing the old soviet era showed us, it’s that putin’s ilk from the KGB doesn’t know when to sit down and shut up. Though perhaps that’s more because putin’s a stubborn idiot in certain ways too.

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    • A feint would never include leaving masses of weapons, ammo, money, tanks and what have you behind for the enemy to use on you. A feint would include taking everything with. A feint would look more like an orderly withdrawal.
      Unless, of course, the orcs can’t even get a feint right.

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  3. I was afraid they would go for the “The Americans did it, not the Ukrainians”, but I don’t think Putin dares that because it would mean Putin is declaring war to NATO.

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