In France, a Russian attacked two Ukrainian women from Izyum: the Foreign Ministry reacted

Anastasia Gorbacheva 23:27, 12.09.22 UNIAN

Both citizens of Ukraine turned to doctors for help.

In France, a Russian beat two Ukrainians / Facebook / Vladimir Kogutyak

In France, a Russian beat up two Ukrainian women from Izyum, Kharkiv region. The police have already launched an investigation.

Volodymyr Kohutyak , vice-president of the Union of Ukrainians in France, announced this on Facebook.

“Yesterday (September 11 – ed.) at 22:30, in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, two Ukrainian girls were beaten by the Russians for listening to Ukrainian music,” the report says.

Local publication Monaco-Matin reports that Alina and her mother Elena arrived in France on April 19, when their hometown of Izyum was under Russian occupation.

According to Alina, she and her mother walked along the embankment and listened to Ukrainian music. At that moment they met four men.

“One of the men ran towards us. He hit me in the face. I fell to the ground and he hit me. He hit my mother three times,” the injured girl recalls.

The injured were taken to the hospital. Elena has a broken nose, and Alina has pain in her legs and head. The girl is sure that the attackers were Russians.

“When he spoke, we understood,” said the Ukrainian.

In turn, the speaker of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Oleg Nikolenko on Facebook said that the Ukrainian Embassy in Paris took the incident under special control.

“The diplomats are cooperating with the French law enforcement officers to promptly investigate the attack, keep in touch with the victims, who have received the necessary medical care. The attackers must be punished,” the diplomat summed up.

As UNIAN previously reported, in the Spanish city of San Sebastian, a Russian provocateur attacked Ukrainian women with accusations of fascism. The man attached a Colorado bandage to his bag and began filming the conflict on his phone, distorting the Ukrainian language.


  1. This article explains many things such as:
    1- What is Russki Mir?
    2- Should we cancel Russian visas?
    3- Why are Russians losing in Ukraine?
    4- Did Russians commit war crimes in Ukraine?
    5- Are Russians and Ukrainians brothers?
    6- Do Russians respect women?
    7- Are Russians fascists?
    … I’m too angry to add to this list.

    • At the start of putler’s Holocaust in February, I said that all Russians living in democratic countries must be kicked out and lose any properties or assets they may have there.
      The fact that these vermin remain and feel able to brutalise innocent women and girls is the fault of the host country.
      We expect evil shitholes like the BRICS to support genocide, but we have a right to expect better things from European countries.
      France and Germany are criminally soft on Russia. There have been multiple attacks by Russians on Ukrainian refugees in Germany also. I have no idea whether any of these vermin have been captured or prosecuted.
      All RuZZians out of Europe and North America now!

  2. So, while France (and many other Western countries) don’t think it’s a good idea to ban all ruskies from entering their countries, we get such situations. This deplorable incident isn’t the first, and it won’t be the last. There are many more such attacks being committed by these fascist creatures that we never even hear about.

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