Fights for Liman continue, Russian troops left Kremennaya – OVA

Soon the Armed Forces of Ukraine will liberate Liman, and from there it is within easy reach to the Luhansk region, said the head of the UVA Gaidai


Fights continue for control over Liman , from where the de-occupation of the Lugansk region will begin. The Russian Federation, near the Ukrainian-Russian border, is concentrating the remnants of its troops on the Svatovo-Troitskoye sector.

Serhiy Gaidai, head of the Lugansk OVA, spoke about this on the air of Current Time.

“The main blow, of course, will be there. From there, the de-occupation of the Luhansk region will begin,” Gaidai said.

At the same time, according to him, Russian troops left Kremennaya together with collaborators, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not there yet: “We have been hanging the Ukrainian flag in Kremennaya for three days, no one is taking it off. Accordingly, all collaborators and Gauleiters have fled.”

There are not even pro-Russian militants, Gaidai confirmed.

When asked why the Russian Federation left the city, Gaidai noted: “They (the Russians – ed.) are well aware that the Russian army has crumbled. Soon the Armed Forces of Ukraine will liberate Liman, and from there it’s a stone’s throw to the Luhansk region. With a good development of events, they have a chance to escape from there will not”.

At present, the enemy is trying to create a defensive line in the Svatovo-Troitsky area. “There is a border with the Russian Federation and there is already a transition from the Liman to the Luhansk region,” Gaidai explained. 

War in Ukraine: current data

The counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues in the south. Since the beginning of the offensive operation, the defenders managed to move the front line  by 12 kilometers . During September 12,  enemy attacks were repelled  in the areas of Zaitsevo, Bakhmut, Bakhmutsky, Krasnogorovka, Vodyany, Bezymyanny and Novogrigorevka.

But the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the Kharkiv region turned out to be an unpleasant surprise for the Russians. The Pentagon noted that the soldiers  of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ousted most of the invaders from Ukraine  and liberated Izyum and Kupyansk.

In the de-occupied territories, Ukrainian law enforcement officers continue to  find  local residents tortured and brutally killed by Russians. 

Earlier, the Institute for the Study of War stated that the  counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine turned the tide of the war , but the fighting will drag on until 2023 – after the front line is stabilized, the defenders will have to start new attacks.


  1. “At present, the enemy is trying to create a defensive line in the Svatovo-Troitsky area.”

    It makes no military sense to form a defensive line there, according to terrain features. But, I still hope that UA forces will be able to oust the orcs from there before they can dig in too much.

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