Zelensky advised Trump to look at Putin “without rose-colored glasses”

Zelensky criticized Trump, who this summer called Putin a genius and called on Ukraine to abandon NATO and Crimea.

Trump believes that Putin was not going to start a war / photo REUTERS
Trump believes that Putin was not going to start a war / photo REUTERS

The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, should look at Russia’s war against Ukraine “without rose-colored glasses.”

Vladimir Zelensky said this in an interview with Farid Zakaria for CNN.

“I think he had enough time to understand who Putin is. It seems to me that he occupied such a high position, where it is impossible not to understand who, let’s say, the valuable opponent of your people. It seems to me that you have all the power and intelligence data, and a psychological portrait. You have to figure out who the president of Russia is, what he aspires to and how he goes there,” the President of Ukraine said.

Zelensky criticized Trump, who this summer called Putin a genius and called on Ukraine to abandon NATO and Crimea.

“It seems to me that he should look at all this from the point of view of the threat not only to Ukraine. Maybe we are far enough for him, but the war has no distance. It seems to me that he needs to look at this situation, let’s say, without pink glasses. I don’t know, maybe he needed it for his domestic policy, to show that he was ready to find understanding with the Russian president,” Zelensky added.

Earlier, the FBI, during a search of the residence of former US President Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lago , seized a document that describes the military defense of a foreign government, including nuclear potential.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. Unfortunately even if he does see Putin for what Putin is, Trump’s narcissism would never allow him to say he was ever wrong. Trump has some good ideas but he has this thing that he needs to opine on everything. I wish he’d follow that old saying that goes something like it’s best to keep your mouth shut and let people guess you’re ignorant rather then opening your mouth and remove all doubt.

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  2. At least he shows his true colours. He never hid that he was an orc, even before he was elected he was pretty open about that.

    Scholz and Macron pretend to be Ukraine’s best friend but stab the Ukrainians in the back when they have the chance.

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    • Scholz and Macron have little to do with standing up for righteousness, human rights and democracy. Those two are pathetic, filthy creatures, in my opinion.

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  3. Trump has said he supports sending arms to Ukraine. He also told Putin, while Trump was still POTUS, that if Putin invaded Ukraine any further that bombs would fall on the Kremlin. Putin waited for Biden because Biden was know to be a weakling like his buddy Obama. Even in the support he sends, Biden shows his weakness.

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  4. Trump is still holding a grudge against Ukraine because he thinks Ukraine showed support for Hillary, and because Zelensky wouldn’t do him the “favor” of announcing a bogus investigation into the Bidens in return for aid.

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  5. It seems many assume or feel they know what Trump is or isn’t. Frankly I have no clue what he is or isn’t. He is undoubtedly one of the most contradictory individual on this earth. He feels NATO countries don’t provide their fair share, threatens to leave NATO and all of a sudden everyone begins to pay. Was he wrong to threaten? He seems to admire Putin but then he arms Ukraine and threatens Putin too not move further but then he says Ukraine should give up Crimea. Does anyone really knows what he’s thinking? Trump says the 2020 elections was stolen and he’s eviscerated by the media and yet when I look at the democratic rhetoric on 2016 elections which was as bad or perhaps worse then what the republicans say about 2020, not a word from the media. Jan 6 was condemned by everyone, including republicans, and yet it’s the republicans who are the threat to democracy. Biden was to be a “Uniter” yet he uses some of the most vile language regarding his competitors then I’ve ever seen. I think all politicians are power hungry fuckin assholes and need to be watched and controlled.

    I stand by my earlier position, if anyone condones or suggests neutrality when innocent people are being exterminated and considered sub humans are idiots, crazy, perhaps evil but absolutely wrong including Trump, Sanders, et al and let’s not forget the far left who want autocracy to continue in many countries including Venezuela, Cuba, China etc.

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