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    • I am sure they mean no offence Redders. After all, terror is terror, whether it comes from izlamonazis or their friends the putinazis.
      There were 67 British victims of 9/11; more than the IRA managed to kill in any single attack. They murdered approximately 1800 people; one third of which were civilians. But they took 25 years doing it. Their attacks were very savage though; very similar to what the orcs do to civilians in Ukraine. Often they favoured home invasions; torturing their victims in front of the victim’s wife and children and then shooting them in the face. Rape was commonplace too.
      The IRA was one of the most vile terror gangs in history, until AQ/isis came along. Since that time of course, RuZZian terror has gone from decades of covert support for murder gangs like the PLO, Black September, Hezbollah, IRA/Sinn Fein, FARC, Che Guevara, Hamas, PLF etc etc, to open, active terror in Ukraine.
      If an innocent victim dies from a terror atrocity; whether in London, Tel Aviv or Paris, the chances are 90% that the bullets or explosives come directly or indirectly from RuZZia.
      9/11 did have one positive outcome for Britain: GW Bush finally realised the absurdity of his country permitting outfits like Noraid to run websites in the US that raised money for the IRA was no longer tenable and criminalised the bastards. Gullible Americans until that point had been flooded with out and out lies and propaganda that demonized Britain and hero-worshipped evil savages.
      When the final number of civilian casualties of putlerism in Ukraine is revealed, it will very sadly be a terrible number.

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