Russian pilots plan to escape to South America due to the impending victory of Ukraine – intelligence

The families of the crew members of the planes that carried out the missile attacks on Ukraine are discussing how to escape and shelter from international justice.

Russian pilots plan to escape to South America / photo
Russian pilots plan to escape to South America / photo

Against the backdrop of the retreat of the Russian army, in the military environment of the occupying country, there is talk about the inevitability of defeat and the prosecution of all participants in the aggression against Ukraine.

This was reported by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense.

“In several aviation garrisons of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the families of the crew members of the aircraft that launched missile attacks on the territory of Ukraine are discussing escaping the country and hiding from international justice. Just like the Nazis after World War II, Russian criminals plan to emigrate to the countries of the South America,” the statement said.

The military intelligence of Ukraine published the personal data of the pilots of the 14th Army of the Air Force and Air Defense (Yekaterinburg), who took part in the hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.

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    • I pray we have the resolve to find these animals and put them intron of the millions of Ukrainians suffering from their viciousness and sociopathic mentality.

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  1. Argentina always took good care of nazi scum and no doubt will do so again.
    For the putinazis there is plenty of choice : Brazil, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela etc.
    Special squads should be assembled to hunt them down, torture them and execute them.

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  2. Maybe they’re scared of putin’s anger blaming them for failure, if they returned to russia. It does seem ironic, following the same idea of the nazi officers and commanders.

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