Russian occupiers are even fleeing from Luhansk Oblast, we will hear great news soon – Head of Oblast Military Administration


The head of the Luhansk Oblast Military Administration, Serhii Haidai, is expecting “excellent news” from the presently occupied cities of Svatove, Kreminna and Rubizhne in the near future.

Source: Serhii Haidai, head of Luhansk Oblast Military Administration on air during 24/7 national newscast on Saturday evening

Quote: “We should not expect that tomorrow we will liberate the whole of Luhansk Oblast. However, the advance is huge. The fighting is quite heavy, but [Russian] occupiers are fleeing from all the settlements. Soon, perhaps even tomorrow, we will hear great news from Svatove, from Kreminna, from Rubizhne.”

Details: Haidai says that the Oblast Military Administration is receiving information about both the Russian military and the Russian-appointed puppet leaders fleeing the region. This information has been coming in throughout the day on Saturday.

“They are fleeing not only from Svatove, from Starobilsk and from Troitske; they are also packing up and leaving Alchevsk and Luhansk, Ukrainian cities in the Oblast, that had been occupied since 2014. They are also packing up their belongings, and taking them and their families to Russia,” Haidai said.

The head of the Oblast Military Administration reported that queues of those willing to leave various settlements of the occupied Luhansk Oblast were stretching for several kilometres.

Haidai also said that the partisans in the occupied Kreminna hoisted a Ukrainian flag over the city council building last night.

“And it is still there. This means that none of the occupiers are in the city, and the collaborators are too scared to remove it,” the head of the Oblast Military Administration said.

Earlier:  Haidai reported earlier on Saturday [10 September], that the Ukrainian military had reached the outskirts of the previously Russian-held city of Lysychansk.


  1. The ZSU will know that they have to push on now until every orc is dead, has surrendered or is back in their snake pit.
    The ZNPP has now shut down all its reactors. Does that mean that it is now safe from the threat of a release of radiation if the orcs blow it up?
    I guess the experts will know.
    Now of course Ukraine will face electricity shortages at a critical time. The UK sent hundreds of generators to the army, which should be helpful.
    Rather galling for the gallant defenders to admit, but they are dependent on the allies for the equipment needed to win this terrible war and keep Ukraine safe going forward.
    The UK is training Ukrainian infantrymen and artillerymen at the rate of 10,000 every 3 months. The British army can accommodate more. I would hope and expect that Liz will order this programme to be stepped up; perhaps to 15,000 and to increase the supply of British MLRS’s, with missiles that can reach 300km. Sandhurst is also taking more Ukrainian officers too.
    Ukraine now needs urgently an enhanced air defence capability. The allies must deliver.
    Ukraine will have a huge shopping list ; let’s hope they get absolutely everything
    and a little bit more.

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    • I’m not an expert by any means but on the ZNPP even when it is “shutdown” NPPs still “cook” and still need power to cool. So it may be cooling either on back up generators, or it’s incoming power line.

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