Ex-MI6 spy Christopher Steele says Putin ‘can’t survive’ defeat in Ukraine as Russian President opens huge ferris wheel in Moscow while his army burns



  1. The Mail; for reasons known only to its editor (has putler got kompromat?), continues to employ the Trotskyist turned fascist putlerite Peter Hitchens, who has a regular Sunday column.
    In today’s issue, Hitchens avoids any reference to Ukraine; the country he hates so much.
    I hope that the bastard is sacked and goes to work for RaT.

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  2. Shoigu: ‘vlad, the whole fucking army is dead, I’ve got nobody left to send off to die!’

    Vladolph: ‘Did you know about this fuck off great Ferris wheel I’ve got? Its gonna be mad cool dude, be nice to me and I’ll let you come on it.’

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  3. Ferris wheel, which Putin opened yesterday, broke down in Moscow.

    The ferris wheel at VDNKh in Moscow closed a day after the opening, on which Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was personally present.

    This is reported by the Telegram channel “Caution, news”.

    Employees of the attraction “Sun of Moscow” said that it was closed to visitors for technical reasons. Already purchased tickets are offered to be returned through the application on the website and at the box office.

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