Counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region: the invaders fled from the border community

At parting, the Russians fired on Zolochev around 02:30 at night. Two houses were damaged.

Russians flee the border community /
Russians flee the border community /

The occupation army of the Russian Federation left the territory of the border Zolochiv community in the Kharkiv region .

This was announced on September 11 to Suspilny by the chairman of the community, Viktor Kovalenko.

“People saw how they got into buses and left the settlements that were temporarily occupied, these are Turovo, Makarovo. Today, according to local reports, Muscovites left from there towards Kazachya Lopan, and the Russian military, who were stationed near Ud, left their positions and retreated to the territory of the Russian Federation,” Kovalenko said.

At parting, the rashists at about 02:30 at night fired on Zolochiv. Two houses were damaged.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. I honestly think that God has been helping support the defense. Maybe in the timing of his providence for this, God wants to prevent dictatorial influence from spreading. Because it’s almost as if a giant, heavenly broom has been sweeping at the russians as the Almighty cleaned house for Ukraine. I hope President Zelensky has praying to God and praising the Lord’s name in thanks.

    I know the various governments around the world supported in words, AND especially in aid packages, weapons. But as we’ve seen of the russians, even if they claim to be the best at fighting, that doesn’t mean victory would come so easily. It certainly didn’t for their spetznaz, lol

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