The most amazing Ukrainian left hook


Sept 10. Published 35 mins ago.

Ukrainian troops have performed the most amazing tactical victory. They forced the Russians to reinforce Kherson and led them to believe that their major efforts would focus north of Crimea. The counter offensive began, the bridges were destroyed, more Russian troops poured west and then the sucker punch. Up in the North of the country the Ukrainians punched a hole through the remaining Russian defences and pushed east to Kupiansk. Ukraine cut all the rail and roads links to Russian held territory. The Ukrainian point then turned south and today the 25th Airborne Brigade entered the outskirts of Izium.

The quality of planning and leadership in this battle is outstanding.

Russian forces are widely reported to be in full retreat, abandoning their vehicles and weapons. Many Russian units will be cut off and I anticipate large surrenders in the next few days.

Russian Generals have a huge problem. Their forces are in disarray. Can they make new defensive lines? Can they recover? Should they call reinforcement back to the North? How many men and machines have they already lost and how many more can they afford to lose? Can they produce counter attacks?

Ukraine will have a limit of exploitation they will not overextend themselves. They will be looking for the next punch to be in the south.

The morale of an army in retreat is appalling especially with new and poorly trained troops. The mercenaries (Wagner) will soon leave for better wars with better prizes elsewhere.

This isn’t a knockout, but Russia is getting a standing count and looks groggy.

Slava Ukraini!

Who Dares Shares.

Robin Horsfall


  1. Cunning generals would have smelled the trap that Ukraine was setting up in Kherson. We said it weeks ago already, how stupid it was to send more men and material into a region that was already practically cut off from supply lines. They not only put more cockroaches into the roach motel, but, concurrently, weakened the other fronts. I guess they thought that their recruitment effort wouldn’t be such an utter failure (too).

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