”The cowards have already forgotten”: Ukrainian soldiers spoke about the defeat of the invaders in the Kherson region

Ukrainian soldiers say that it is difficult to knock out the Russians in Khersonshine, but they are fleeing. leaving underwear.

Armed Forces of Ukraine told about the successes in the Kherson region / instagram.com/libkos
Armed Forces of Ukraine told about the successes in the Kherson region / instagram.com/libkos

The Ukrainian counter-offensive in the Kherson region continues, the Defense Forces continue to knock out from the positions of the Russian invaders.

Ukrainian soldiers from the de-occupied territories spoke about this in a commentary to Military Television.

A serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the call sign “Thunder” said that the invaders were driven out of their positions, but the struggle continues.

“Basically, the situation is stable under our control, so to speak. They pour phosphorus, yes. Very aggressively, uses cassettes, the 152nd, self-propelled guns, Grada … So, well, they don’t succeed with infantry, they run away. so that the cowards forgot,” said Grom.

According to the warrior, the Russians dug in very securely, so it was not easy to knock them out. Now the occupiers have retreated.

“Finally, they knocked us out and we’ll move on. As far as Kherson for now, and then further to the Crimea. Now they are practically shelling around the clock. Well, accordingly, they receive an immediate response.

In addition, he stressed that the Ukrainian army is highly motivated. Nobody refuses to go into battle.

“We have one commander. He constantly says into the radio: “Guys, go ahead, go ahead.” Everyone does it. I don’t know a single person who wrote some kind of refusal, or ran away, or something else We didn’t even have that,” Grom said.

At the same time, the warrior boasted that he had recently managed to destroy an enemy “turntable” (helicopter). Another warrior with the call sign “Tramp” spoke in more detail about this trophy.

“A group of enemy turntables flew out. We went out and took up positions. It flew out for a shot, it was clearly visible. We launched and hit one, the second did not have time … It was from this pipe that I managed to bring down the turntable. I left this pipe as a keepsake,” – shared “Tramp”.

(C)UNIAN 2022

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