Putin Reacts to Kharkiv Counteroffensive (Real classified footage)

I got hold of a footage from Putin’s Bunker as the news rolled in.
Share so more people get first hand experience.
For German-speaking friends some people recommended to turn the volume off.


  1. I laughed maniacally, the entire way all through this. It’s an EXCELLENT parody!

    Also, I’d finally gotten another ticket to fly again, by selling my gold and silver bullion. I’m back on to see my Liudmila by this November! I’d have to fly in to land at Poland and take the train to Kyiv, but I WILL do it!

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    • Sounds great Mac. Do you have someone meeting you in Warsaw and helping you get to a train? I also hope it will be smooth sailing by then. You can ask Sir Facts because he just went that route but if you’re on a train during an air raid everything shuts down.

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      • No, I’d have only my smartphone and a spare charging battery. I’m sure I’ll be fine, because for one thing, Poland’s people are generally much better in behavior, than Russia’s. I know there must be some good Russians despite the corruption of dictatorship, but Poland’s no dictatorship. They’re also very serious about their church habits.

        The lady I’m meeting, is a lawyer in Kyiv. Though she told me her father is retired Ukrainian military, I don’t think she could handle a combat situation. I did read about how she was volunteering to help the war effort by giving blood and supplies for the soldiers.

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          • I think practically speaking, traveling in this situation by train is better than with a plane. If another air raid happens, then a train may stop, but after waiting, continues on. An airline’s policy is the concern of their plane being shot out of the sky. I doubt that would happen, because it’s such a horrifically criminal act of war, but that did happen in eastern Ukraine in 2014. I still think it’s cowardly considering the odds against it happening again, but I suppose I understand the airline’s reasoning. I can still act against the odds though. I thank you for your prayers, may God be with you, also.

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  2. It’s a shame that several of those actors are now dead. The man that played Keitel and Hitler both died. The man playing Hitler was Swiss German.

    The last line “At least the Kherson operation is going well” is so rich!

    I’d bet a dollar to a donut that Putin is raving much like Hitler did in that scene.

    I speak some German and I just ignore the voices and read the subtitles.

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