Armed Forces of Ukraine have achieved superiority in artillery: terrorist Strelkov whines about the defeat of the Russian group near Kherson (video)

According to him, thanks to HIMARS and other weapons from partners, the Ukrainian military is becoming stronger every day.

APU advancing on Kherson / photo
APU advancing on Kherson / photo

For the Russian troops , the situation will inevitably worsen for at least one simple reason, that all four main crossings across the Dnieper – two road bridges and two railway ones – are completely disabled.

This statement was made by Russian terrorist Igor Strelkov (Girkin) on YouTube , commenting on the situation near Kherson.

According to him, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are constantly updating the damage to bridges, constantly inflicting additional blows on them in order to prevent them from being repaired.

“Accordingly, the entire supply of our group and the population of Kherson on the right bank of the Dnieper is based on several ferry crossings – one civilian and three military. We can arrange a few more crossings, but as much equipment, weapons, ammunition, food as were transferred over stationary bridges, it is still not possible to transfer One way or another, gradually the enemy will put pressure,” Girkin is sure.

He noted that the whole of August was actually in the battles on the Kherson front.

“The enemy bombards HIMARS with single missiles, packages of almost any target. If at first strikes were made against large ammunition depots, bases (including Crimean ones), now he does not hesitate to use packages of these fairly expensive and accurate missiles on virtually any large target, including even almost separate tanks, platoon strongholds, columns.In fact, the enemy achieved there due to HIMARS not just parity in artillery, but even gained an advantage in a certain segment.If we still have some advantages in cannon artillery, then in high-precision missiles The advantage is already in the enemy. Moreover, the advantage is tangible not at the level of my couch conversations, but at the level of the lives of our soldiers and the serviceability of our military equipment. Deliveries of ammunition and equipment were not in vain, “complains Strelkov. 

According to the terrorist’s forecasts, after some operational pause, using their approximately three-fold advantage in manpower on this front, Ukrainian troops will launch another attack to inflict defeat on the invaders.

“At least some of the servicemen (Russian Federation – UNIAN), including officers, are not very optimistic about the development of events on this front. First of all, because, like on other fronts, they do not see our state and the military management of adequate actions according to the current situation. They receive critically little replenishment, primarily in manpower. The turnover of personnel (mass layoffs of contract soldiers) continues, and the enemy continues to grow stronger every week – this is a fact, “says Strelkov.

Earlier it became known that the Armed Forces  of Ukraine launched offensive movements  in a number of areas of southern Ukraine. On one of them, the Russian invaders were forced to flee directly from the battlefield. Information about the intensification of the fighting was confirmed by the Pivden OK.

Strelkov has repeatedly  criticized the Russian military leadership  because of the successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and also  expressed dissatisfaction with  the decision of the Russian authorities to form and send “volunteer battalions” from the regions to the front.

(C)UNIAN 2022

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