Live: Ukraine liberates ‘dozens of towns’ as Russia evacuates wounded from some areas in east – live updates

Sept 9, 2022

Ukraine announced on Friday that it has liberated dozens of towns in its eastern and southern counteroffensives while Russian forces attempt to retreat with their wounded in some occupied areas. 

Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, posted a video in which Ukrainian soldiers said they had captured the eastern town of Balakliia near Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine.

And video posted to a Ukrainian news aggregator appeared to show the Russians had left behind trucks, artillery and ammunition.

Ukrainian military officials said that Russia was trying to evacuate wounded soldiers from Vilkhuvatka, a village southwest of Kharkiv, and Borodoyarske in the southeast. 

The gain in territory will be a significant boost for Ukrainian morale while Russia, according to Western intelligence reports, has seen a huge number of casualties.


Ukrainian troops honour the Queen with messages on shells

Soldiers on the front lines in Ukraine are paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II with messages written on artillery shells.

One reads “keep calm and carry on”.

Joe Barnes

Ukrainian armed forces pay respect to Queen Elizabeth II with written messages on their artillery shells.

Відбій пожизненной тривоги


/ Українські артилеристи із вдячністю вшановують славетну лідерку великого народу / Ukrainian artillery men’s sincere gratitude and respect to the remarkable leader of a great nation


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