Kremlin refuses to comment on counteroffensive of Armed Forces of Ukraine


Dmitry Peskov, the press-secretary of the President of Russia, refused to comment on the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the occupied territories of Ukraine and re-addressed this question to Russia’s Ministry of Defence.

Source: Russian Kremlin-aligned information agency RIA Novosti

Quote by Peskov: “The progress of the special military operation is an issue my colleague [the official representative of the Ministry of Defence of Russia Igor] Konashenkov will comment on”.

Details: Peskov also ignored the question whether the Putin administration is concerned with the current situation and recommended the reporters to turn to the Ministry of Defence of Russia.



  1. They haven’t worked out how to spin this yet. The usual “everything is going to plan” seems a touch inadequate. Maybe another gesture of goodwill? What must really be galling for the orcs, seeing the populations of the liberated villages and towns, greeting the Ukrainian military like heroes.

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