From the LinkedIn page of Ihor Fesenko

Sept 7

Oleksiy #Arestovich:

People Who Don’t Exist.

They will not be awarded the “People’s Hero” award.

Because they don’t exist.

If they are awarded by the State, you won’t know about it.

Even relatives often don’t know what they are doing.

This is often not known even to their colleagues who work in a neighboring office or tent.

And in 50 years, most of their glorious deeds will not be recognized by anyone.

Assessing the war, people are accustomed to thinking in quantitative terms: who has more tanks, planes, soldiers?

Our enemies thought so too, planning a lightning-fast defeat of Ukraine.

But they forgot about people who don’t exist.

People who don’t exist will not parade along Khreshchatyk.

They will not hear “thank you” from passers-by, because they practically do not wear a uniform.

The vast majority of us don’t know them at all.

We glorify artillery, HIMARS, paratroopers, infantry, pilots, air defense, fleet, but all of them, really glorious, work according to data provided by military intelligence.

While bridges, ammunition and personnel is blown up in the occupied territories, the people who don’t exist risk every minute to be exposed.

These people work in Moscow, Baghdad, Beijing, Tomsk.

And that’s where we get our victory.

In every video of the exact arrival, in every destroyed warehouse, command post, column, location and concentration of the enemy, two-thirds of the work is done by people who don’t exist and which no one knows about.

Ukraine has survived so far and now it’s winning, because of the people who don’t exist.

They will not be able to answer the question: What did you do when the country was at war?

Nothing but an unimpressive legend. It should be unimpressive, should not attract attention.

Sometimes three such people bring a result worthy of a whole team.

Sometimes alone.

We tell them today: Thanks!

And we won’t even get an answer.

People who don’t exist will remain silent.

And they will continue their work.

Soldiers fight for honor. For the shine of the uniform, for titles and awards, for the Motherland.

Military intelligence officers sacrificed for the Motherland even that which is the foundation of military destiny – the pride of belonging to the uniform.

They have gone into unknown, they have erased themselves from history.

To do it for real.

Happy #Military #Intelligence Day, #Ukraine!

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