From the LinkedIn page of Brian Tuck

Sept 9, 2022

Russian people are about to face the terrible and awful truth, their husbands, fathers and sons have committed the most horrific crimes imaginable, they have disgraced themselves and their Nation.

The truth will come out, that tens of thousands have died for nothing. This sensless war in Ukraine was faught against a peaceful and beautiful people who once considered Russians as family, Russia has betrayed them.

It will dawn on Russia that after this war ends, and it will end on Ukrainian terms, Ukraine will join Europe, it will rebuild and it will move on. However, there is no happy ending for Russia, only disgrace, humiliation and economic ruin.

One comment

  1. I beg to differ. The Russians will not care what their sons, fathers, husbands have done. Before one cares about the horrific damage and death they caused, they need to be human and we all know these vermin are sub humans.

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