Ukrainian forces liberate more than 20 settlements in Kharkiv region – General Staff

Ukrainian forces liberate more than 20 settlements in Kharkiv region - General Staff

08.09.2022 16:55

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated more than 20 settlements in Kharkiv region. Overall, more than 700 square kilometers have been liberated from Russian invaders in the Kharkiv and Southern-Buh directions.

Oleksiy Hromov, Deputy Chief of the Main Operations Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said this at a briefing, Ukrinform reports.

“Since the beginning of the week, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in cooperation with units of the National Guard and other security forces, have been conducting active operations in certain directions. At present, military units have wedged themselves into the enemy’s defense to a depth of up to 50 km. Filtration operations are ongoing in some settlements. In the course of active operations in the Kharkiv direction, more than 20 settlements were liberated. In the Kramatorsk direction, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine improved their tactical position and advanced to a depth of 2 kilometers. In the course of offensive operations in the Sloviansk direction, units of the 103rd separate territorial defense brigade, together with units of the 15th regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine, advanced up to three kilometers deep and liberated the settlement of Ozerne,” Hromov said.

According to him, the group of defense forces continues active operations in the Kherson direction, battles are taking place with that aim of improving the position along the front line, the enemy is partially demoralized, but continues to resist.

“In general, our units in certain directions advanced deep into the enemy’s defense from two to several tens of kilometers. A number of settlements have been liberated. The total area of the territory returned to Ukraine’s control  the Kharkiv and Southern-Buh directions is more than 700 square kilometers,” Hromov said.

As Ukrinform reported, from February 24 to September 8, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated about 51,250 Russian invaders. Also, the Ukrainian defenders destroyed 2,112 enemy tanks (+15 over past day), 4,557 (+37) armored personnel vehicles, 1,126 (+32) artillery systems, 305 (+5) MLRS, 159 (+3) anti-aircraft systems, 239 (+2) aircraft, 210 (+2) helicopters, 884 (+4) UAVs of operational-tactical level, 214 cruise missiles, 15 warships / boats, 3,344 (+24) vehicles and fuel tanks, 110 (+1) special equipment units.


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