The American Left has declared war on Britain

The latest attack by ‘The New York Times’ speaks to growing Anglophobia in the liberal establishment

Madeline Grant

SKETCHWRITER 7 September 2022 • 7:00am

Another day, another instalment in the New York Times’s weird anti-British vendetta. A guest essay describes Liz Truss, with characteristic NYTian hyperbole, as being “in thrall to Empire”. Pussy-bow blouses aside, writes academic Kojo Koram, Truss is the spiritual heir not to Margaret Thatcher, but to that other famous libertarian, Enoch Powell.

Another NYT fixture is Jonathan Pie, the satirical UK newsreader played by comedian Tom Walker. Pie, who once appeared on Russia Today, is best known for his viral missives slagging off Brexit, Boris, the Tories etc – and his sophisticated social media output. “Your new Prime Minister, ladies and gentleman… is a c— of the higher order”, tweeted this little charmer the other day. His latest NYT video makes various unhinged claims about the state of Britain. “You can’t get in or out of the country because of airline staff shortages and queues at border control,” he froths. Actually, you can.

I’ve never understood the appeal of Pie – a dismally unfunny, Sainsbury’s Basics Charlie Brooker – but then again, the attractions of James O’Brien’s expletive-ridden tantrums have also eluded me. Perhaps the NYT, like LBC, is trying to attract the commerce of well-heeled #FBPE types. Or maybe they have simply decided that Brexit and Trump are one and the same and now perceive everything through that lens, despite evidence to the contrary.

A few years ago, the NYT ran a front page feature on the Merseyside town of Prescot, claiming that the community had become a “casualty of austerity” and reeling off a list of public services supposedly axed as a result, including the library and fire station. Residents decried the piece as “fake news”, and fact-checkers debunked many of the claims. The local library, it turned out, was open after all, while a new fire station had been recently unveiled.

But perhaps the crowning glory of this genre was a 2018 article about British cuisine. Even in the 21st century, argued travel writer Robert Draper, it was difficult to find a restaurant menu in London that diverged from our staple diet of “porridge and boiled mutton”. Mutton-gate also contained arguably the greatest newspaper correction of all time: “An earlier version of this article misstated the name of a London neighbourhood. It is Mayfair, not Mayfield.” He did, however, concede that Britain was starting to recover from its noughties jellied eel days, so that’s something I guess.

The NYT’s UK coverage has moved beyond parody, as if it can only view Britain through a fairground mirror – emphasising all her ugliest aspects and distorting them beyond recognition. Everything, however mundane, is a symbol of national decline. Everyone is nostalgic for the empire, or racist. We are in the realm of Hollywood-level comedy Anglophobia here, as if they’d recruited the screenwriter for The Patriot or Braveheart and put him in charge of commissioning.

Brits may laugh at the caricature – in fact it’s impossible not to. But travelling abroad, the NYT is ubiquitous, and trusted. And it is far from the only offender; this attitude has seeped into politics and other parts of the media.

Yesterday, CNN claimed that Truss was defined by her hardline anti-immigration stance. Democrats often wear anti-British sentiment on their sleeve. Joe Biden’s rambling Irish-American schtick frequently veers into unhelpful hyperbole; as when he compared Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians with Britain’s treatment of Irish Catholics on a recent trip to Jerusalem, or fobbed off a British reporter, saying: “BBC? I’m Irish!” Nancy Pelosi and others frequently share “fake news” with an anti-Unionist bent – misrepresenting basic aspects of the Good Friday Agreement, or falsely claiming the US is a “guarantor” of it.

Perhaps such calculations are opportunistic rather than ignorant: American Democrats may have more to gain from pandering to Irish-American voters than maintaining good relations with Britain, just as the NYT’s slanted coverage doubtless has its reasons.

But it comes at a price. Speaking to American friends and acquaintances, I am often struck by how far off the mark their views on Britain are. One, a historian no less, suggested that British troops in Northern Ireland during the Troubles were an “occupying force”. Another, a well-known TV anchor, declared Britain to be institutionally racist, far more than America. Never mind that the new Cabinet will not contain a single white man in a great office of state. As Britain appoints its third female PM – with minimal fanfare about her gender – it’s worth reminding ourselves that America’s last female head of state was Queen Anne.

The tragedy is that the US has much to teach us. Britain has become a place where Nimbyism reigns supreme, where building homes and infrastructure is a Herculean, even Sisyphean, task. I wish we shared America’s can-do attitude and positivity; when you do well in the US, people are genuinely pleased for you and want to know the secret of your success. But America’s Left-wing elites are developing a problem with Britain, just as the British Left had a problem with America in the years after 9/11, when practically every comedy panel included some variant on a theme of “dumb Americans, hur hur”.

It’s a trend that threatens to make us not, as in Bernard Shaw’s aphorism, “two countries separated by a common language” but two nations divided by a carefully-cultivated falsehood.


  1. The US left; epitomised by the NYT, hate Liz Truss as much as putler does. She is a right winger who has just selected a right wing cabinet. The fact that the Home Secretary is a black woman, the Chancellor of the Exchequer is a black man and the Foreign Secretary is a black man really pisses them off because they only like their black people to be on the left.
The fact that the NYT hired “Jonathan Pie” is revealing. He’s a leftist putlerite shitweasel with similar views to Tovaresh Roger Watersov.
It would appear therefore that the NYT; the home of Walter Duranty, is more keen on defeating Liz Truss than fuhrer pootler.
    You can bet that the kremkrappers will already have identified this schism as something for their trolls to exploit.
What they want is the same as the British left: a UK govt coalition led by “Sir Kneel” Kier Starmer, (Marxist Labour), with the Lib Dems and the Stalinist Scotz Natz.
This would lead to the break up of the United Kingdom. Reezult! For putler and every putler jackboot licking turd in the world.

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  2. I hate the Tories, but as long as the arms shipments continue to flow to Ukraine, I’ll treat them as if they are my best friends. If Liz wants to have some lockdown parties, I would even send her a good bottle of whiskey.

    I do think what the Americans say about the British army is false. I have lived in Northern Ireland for a while, and even while I tried to avoid talking politics over there like oil avoids water, I learnt that both sides generally considered the British military impartial and no one spoke shit about them.

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    • In my other comment here, I showed what the left want: a UK govt coalition led by “Sir Kneel” Kier Starmer, (Marxist Labour), with the Lib Dems and the Stalinist Scotz Natz.
      The above is the alternative to Conservative rule. An end to the Union, a massive victory for putler and what’s left of Britain going into rapid decline as a socialist shithole. In Scotland, putler would be building military bases with his new pals and our nuclear deterrent would be gone from its base in Faslane.
      You must have the same intense hatred of Britain as the far left, far right and the kremkrappers. Congratulations!

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      • What I hate about the article is and maybe also by calling me a Britain hater is the idea of the Left being some organised group while in fact it is probably the most disorganised and divided of all factions.

        In Britain there is one right wing party, all leftists are divided among several parties.

        The article pretends that all Democrats are against Britain while they were just cherry picking two Democrats that allegedly sympathise more with Ireland.

        Among the Democrats you will probably find others, probably with protestant or English roots that will tell you the exact opposite.

        We shouldn’t forget the AUKUS military alliance pact was signed by the Biden Administration and Joe Biden and Boris Johnson must have been on the phone very often to discuss aid to Ukraine.

        I do not think you can generalise an alleged anti-British sentiment among leftists nor do I think the mentioned persons are an ti-Britain, even though they may culturally identify more with the Irish side.

        I love Britain and you can often find me in any part of it (although I haven’t visited Scotland yet) but my hatred towards Tories is mostly based on my experiences when I lived in the UK.

        I was mostly shocked by how poor social services were: my G.P. was completely frustrated about how the healthcare system works and gave me medicines I didn’t need to prove how broken the system was.

        I applied for speech therapy, and the waiting list was literally years (I am probably still on a list somewhere).

        I also know first hand stories for people that died unnecessary of cancer as they had to wait for years to get treatment.

        When I went to the library to study, only one person could use the Internet at a time because the connection was so slow 9 computers weren’t usable.

        Also, local students had to pay ridiculous amounts of tuition fees and only the happy few could go to college.

        Also at the University I clocked how long it took to boot a computer: it was a whopping 15 !!! minutes.

        The coffee was really good though, so I wasn’t too annoyed.

        I basically noticed how social services like education or healthcare were either ridiculously expensive, had insane waiting lists and quality wise not on par with what you would expect from a country this rich.

        I do acknowledge I haven’t been everywhere and some places may be better, but I was shocked by how people were suffering in a country that is about as rich as the Netherlands.

        What makes me love Britain and which is the reason my time in Northern Ireland was the happiest time of my entire life is that the people are extremely kind, polite, funny and helpful, both Protestants and Catholics.

        So no, I don’t hate Britain, but I do think the British deserve a much better government.

        Shortly I do not think leftists hate Britain, I think it just depends on who you ask. I hate the incumbent government party in the Netherlands and I think our prime minister is an asshole, but that doesn’t mean I hate my own country.

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        • Leftists DO hate Britain. They want to break it up and destroy it.

          The NYT is read by liberals and leftists. Liberals I like, because they are exactly the same as me; they want freedom. The left are impossible to like because they wreck everything they touch and want the exact opposite. Then of course they always run out of other people’s money.

          There are actually many right wing parties in Britain. Look them up. They are all shit, except the Tories, who have not actually been right wing since Thatcher. Boris is a liberal. His chancellor Rishi Sunak, pursued liberal/socialist policies. Now we will get a true centre-right govt, which is a very good thing for Britain and for Ukraine, whose govt will have no stronger advocate in the world.

          It is the right leaning countries of Poland, the Baltics and Britain that lead support for Ukraine in Europe. (I don’t count Hungary as right wing because it so far right that it is fascist, which is essentially a leftist concept).

          Many socialist countries of Europe support putler; ie Germany, France etc. The fascists: Italy, Hungary, Austria, support putler.

          Biden has the military power and the money, but is extremely reluctant to use it because he is a weakling. He won’t even designate terrorist Russia as a terror state!

          The NHS employs some 1.5m people; all of them Labour voters, same as the overwhelming majority of public sector employees. So why not ask their bosses why their service is so shit?

          The social services in Britain, like many other democracies, are run by the socialist welfare state, regardless of who is in power. You are served by socialists in an organization that is designed for the exclusive employment of the socialists who make all the decisions.

          Why should you get speech therapy in the UK? There would be no chance of me getting it in Holland.

          I always try to comment on things that I know something about. It’s always a good policy. The “scattergun” approach of leftists is just obfuscation designed to swerve away from the matter in hand.

          If you love NI you should hate the left, because they want to hand it over to Sinn Fein/IRA; a fascist murder gang with close links to Russia going back to the 1960’s.

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  3. Leftists in the US are some of the most ignorant and provincial people you will ever meet. It’s no surprise that they think the British Army was an occupying force in Northern Ireland.

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  4. It’s so easy to compartmentalize and say this about the left or this about the right. There are idiots on both sides of the spectrum and stupidity is not restricted to the only the left or only the right. I obviously can’t speak for the US but I can say that certainly in my circle I’ve never heard any negative speak of Britain or it’s people. Sure there’s comments of wish they did this or did that but that is a normal discourse.

    Unfortunately in todays world the idiots are in charge of the media and these idiots have taken the respect of journalists and the media at large to new lows that have never been seen before. This is borne out in any poll of recent history showing the decline of media in terms of respect accuracy and truth. The idiots of today are trying to ride on the coattails of true journalists of the past who only tried to report fact and keep opinion on the opinion page.

    NYT was at one time a highly respected journal but not today IMHO. Their bias is evident and they’ve alienated many many readers. Unfortunately in todays world one needs to read many journals, understand the underlying bias of that journal and then determine the real truth of any particular issue after understanding both sides

    Right now the insane are in charge of the asylum but this will change. But in the meantime, please understand that despite the idiotic comments of the NYT or WAPO or any other journal, the Brits are our brothers and our ties go well beyond the idiocy of the few. Our bonds have been enshrined in the blood and guts we each shared over the past 200 years

    Slava Britain and all that she stands for.

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