From FB page: Euromaidan, War in Ukraine

Late last night

Russian 🇷🇺 Spertsnaz ‘SOBR’ units are said to be encircled by Ukrainian 🇺🇦 forces in Balakliya, in the #Kharkiv region, north of the strategic city of Izium.

Battles in the area began west of the city in Verbivka, which Russian sources say they retreated from, as well as Yakovenkove to the north. Confirmed footage shows Ukrainian forces advancing east of Verbivka.

Russian chatter tonight suggests the situation is dire, and on a personal note this page has seen a massive uptick in Russian troll & bot accounts not seen since the U.S. announced it was supplying Ukraine with missile defense systems. They’re worried the 3-day invasion might be having setbacks. – [mb]

“The only good strategy for Russian troops now – is large-scale retreat in all directions. Strongly recommend” – Mykhailo Podolyak, presidential advisor

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