07 Sep: Ukrainians CRUSH Russian Defense in the East | War in Ukraine Explained

Today the Ukrainian army advanced more than russia have done in the last 3 months. I don’t know much about tactics, but they certainly caught the orcs on the hop.


  1. When I’d shared this video about the Ukrainian defense CRUSHING the Russian invaders, I’d likened “crushing” to reducing a tomato in the hand, to pulpy smears dripping through the fingers.

    My Dad was quite surprised that Ukrainian forces not just launched one, then two successive attacks, but continued with five! If Ukraine can keep this up, the Russians will be shrugged off and realize that everything they believed about Russian “strength” has been a paper tiger. Russia is pounding itself into its own grave with this war.

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  2. Denys Davydov was also talking about the different pressure points AFU is driving the orcs out of. Though what we are hearing at times is from a day or so ago, I get it. But what the Armed Forces of Ukraine are accomplishing is exceptional.

    Slava Ukraini!!!
    Heroyam Slava!!!

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