New explosions in Kherson Oblast: Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy Russian equipment – Odesa Military Administration


Serhii Bratchuk, Spokesperson of the Odesa Oblast Military Administration, has reported new explosions in Kherson Oblast; warehouses and equipment belonging to Russian forces were struck multiple times.  

Source: Bratchuk on Telegram

Quote from Bratchuk: “There was a strike in the area of Chornobaivka, on a Russian position. Another one hit positions in Hola Prystan.”

Details: According to the spokesman, strikes also hit a Russian equipment storage site near ​​Nova Kakhovka and a cache of equipment in the Kakhovka district.

In the area of Tomyna Balka, Ukrainian forces destroyed Russian combat equipment.

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  1. Great news of course! How many more of these places are squirreled away by orcs on Ukraine territory? They all have to be smashed.
    ………”warehouses and equipment belonging to Russian forces were struck multiple times.“
    Assume they mean belonging to Ukraine but occupied by RuZZian scum?
    Ukraine must win this terrible war and they must win big. They need ATACMS; shitloads of them. To smash every ammo dump in Crimea and everything inside the 300km range of ATACMS inside putlerstan.

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