A welcome and surprising development

From the LinkedIn page of Olgha Boewa

Sept 6

Japanese volunteers

Japanese men answer Kyiv’s call for volunteers to fight against Russia.
Approximately 70 Japanese men have answered Kyiv’s call for volunteers to fight against Russia, the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper said, quoting a Tokyo company handling the volunteers.
All foreign battalion candidates must have experience in the Japan Self-Defense Force or undergo specialized training. Also, the Ukrainian Embassy in Japan is looking for volunteers with medical, IT, communication or fire fighting experience,” the Ukrainian Embassy in Tokyo said.
How many Japanese volunteers are defending Ukraine is unknown.
Japanese soldiers are very well trained and prepared for combat.

Glory to the defenders

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  1. The Japanese cultural attitude of getting involved in a fight means these guys would rather die fighting if they can’t win. They’re well known for going above and beyond the expectations of duty. In the American military, the unit (now known as the 100th Battle Group, 442nd Infantry) with the highest number of military commendations and medals of valor was comprised mostly of Japanese Americans. I think this record still stands to this day. The only reason why the nation of Japan surrendered to the United States, was because their emperor believed they would face annihilation at the power of atomic bombs.

    I’d count on a Japanese for nearly any battle.

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