A popular FB meme today

💥🇬🇧 Зустрічайте нового Прем’єр-міністра Великобританії – пані Елізабет Трасс!
Хто пам’ятає пані Маргарет Тетчер, той зрозуміє мої позитивні настрої щодо обрання нової прем’єрки!

Ця шановна пані із задоволенням покаже xyйлy його місце на смітнику історії!
Вітаю всіх українців, наші шанси швидше подолати цю нечисть стрімко зростають!
Україна Переможе 🇬🇧💛💙❤️

Translation using software:

💥🇬🇧 Meet the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – Mrs. Elizabeth Trass!
Those who remember Mrs. Margaret Thatcher will understand my positive feelings about the election of a new prime minister!

This dear lady would love to show xyily his place in the dumpster of history!
Hello all ukrainians, our chances are faster to overcome this filth steeply grow!
Ukraine will win 🇬🇧💛💙❤️


  1. They are counting on you Liz. Don’t let them down!
    Send a couple of mechanised brigades of the British army to Ukraine to help with the defence of the Black Sea coast.
    Btw, she says she will increase military spending to 3% of GDP; an increase of 50%. Which is why the kremkrappers have got their knickers in a twist.

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  2. The patriotic retired SAS soldier Robin Horsfall has just posted his best wishes for her on his LinkedIn page:

    “She will get all of the blame and none of the glory.

    Liz Truss has been elected leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party and will become our new Prime Minister. I hope that she has the strength of character to manage the position and great duties she has taken on. In the next few years we will observe changes created by the enormous weight that she will carry every day. She will age before our eyes as she works eighteen hours a day for the ever-complaining people of our nation. She will receive no compassion or understanding from the press and her successes will be brushed aside like so much dust on the kitchen floor.

    Like those who went before her she will be alone. It will not be the attacks of her enemies that hurt most, but the betrayal of her friends. The press will observe her every move and deconstruct every word. They will search for, invent and suggest the very worst from her every action and she will be expected to take it without reply.

    She will have war, health, poverty, hunger, homelessness and every other claimant for special treatment banging on her desk every day. When it’s all over she will get all of the blame and none of the glory and perhaps one day in the distant future she will be knighted for her efforts.

    I pray she will do a good job for us all and that the people of the United Kingdom have the generosity of spirit to give her a chance to succeed.”

    Who Dares Shares.

    Robin Horsfall

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