Russia’s losses in the south: Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed ammunition depot and pontoon ferry

The command post of the 35th army in the Kakhovka district was also hit.

The situation in the south / photo of the Ministry of Defense
The situation in the south / photo of the Ministry of Defense

During the day, Ukrainian servicemen eliminated 104 invaders and a lot of enemy equipment in the south of the country.

This was reported by the Operational Command “South” on the social network Facebook .

Giving the enemy no chance of combat success and resolving logistics issues, Ukrainian aviation delivered 21 strikes against Russian positions, strongholds and command posts, areas of concentration of forces and assets, as well as transport and logistics facilities.

It is noted that rocket and artillery units continue to carry out fire missions in intensive numbers, and the crossings across the Dnieper and Ingulets are under tight fire control.

The results of the combat day are: 104 invaders, 6 tanks, 26 units of other armored and automotive equipment, 9 Msta-S and Msta-B howitzers, as well as an Eleron-10 unmanned reconnaissance aircraft.

An enemy ammunition depot near Tomina Balka and a pontoon crossing near the village of Lvov were destroyed; Berislav districts.

Earlier, Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the President’s Office, said that it was too early to talk about the success of the  counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine , but in the course of the fighting it was clear that “Putin’s hopes in the Kherson direction were not justified.”

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