Occupied Kherson Oblast to pause “referendum” on accession to Russia – chief quisling

Kyrylo Stremousov, the top quisling of Russian-occupied Kherson Oblast, has claimed that the oblast is “ready” for a “referendum” on joining Russia but is putting the process on pause due to the “security situation,” the Russian state media agency TASS reported.

Russian officials have announced preparations for and then postponed sham “referendums” expected to formalize Russia’s occupation of Ukrainian territories on multiple occasions. The latest such date for the “referendum” in Kherson Oblast was 11 September.

Ukraine’s counteroffensive of the latest days, which includes cutting off Russian-occupied Kherson from reinforcements from Crimea by destroying bridges, is creating a sense of uncertainty for the Russians, according to Kherson journalist Kostiantyn Ryzhenko. The occupiers will be in an untenable position if they hold a referendum and soon afterward, Ukraine wins back Kherson. Therefore, any referendum-related actions are dependent on Ukraine’s military successes, he told.

As well, in Kherson Oblast, the massive partisan resistance is said to be creating problems for the organization of the illegitimate “plebiscite.”

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  1. This referendum will never take place. Scum like this Stremousov coward, will never see Kherson as part of russia. In fact he will never see Ukraine again, unless it’s from the inside of a prison cell.

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    • Boris makes me proud to be British. He went to Kyiv and stated clearly that putler must fail and will fail. He helped win the battle of Kyiv with his NLAW’s and currently the British army is training 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers every three months.
      The American HIMARS are a game changer in a “range war” like this is and they are doing a killer job on the orcs.
      Our own Multiple Launch Rocket Systems are as effective as the HIMARS and soon they will be in service in numbers. Ukrainian artillerymen are world class and with our help, they will fucking marmalise the orcs.
      Liz will carry on where Boris left off. The signs are that she will be even tougher.
      You always know you’re on a winner when putinazi vermin show their hatred. The more they hate you, the better you are and those murderous fucks are already whining about Liz.
      Onwards and upwards!
      The Ukrainian lads and girls will pound those nazi fucks into the dirt.
      I’m only worried about the Kherson oblast stray dogs: their poor stomachs will suffer. Eating filthy orc subhumans requires a very strong stomach indeed.

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