As a result of the attack of the invaders on Ochakovo, an elevator with thousands of tons of grain was destroyed

At dawn, the invaders struck at the city of Ochakov.

The occupants got into the elevator in Ochakov \ photo from UNIAN
The occupants got into the elevator in Ochakov \ photo from UNIAN

As a result of a morning strike by Russian invaders on the city of Ochakov , Mykolaiv region, an elevator was destroyed, in which there were thousands of tons of grain.

This was announced by the deputy mayor of Ochakov Alexei Vaskov in the social network.

“In Ochakovo, this morning turned out to be completely unkind. An elevator in Ochakovo was destroyed, several thousand tons of grain were destroyed. Now our utilities are sorting out the rubble. Dozens of houses have also been damaged,” he specified.

At the same time, according to Vaskov, there were no victims.

As UNIAN reported earlier, this morning the invaders attacked Ochakovo and Voznesensk. There were hits on a civilian infrastructure facility, a fire occurred at the enterprise, residential buildings were damaged, there were no victims or casualties. 

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. Economic warfare.
    Like everything that putinazi vermin do.
    International community: lose no more time. All putinazi cash and assets currently sequestered must now be released and transferred directly to Ukraine.
    Any scum lawyers hired by putler to hold off the process must themselves be arrested, their assets seized and charged with aiding and abetting a genocidal fascist power.

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  2. This war clearly is a war against all Ukrainians, their infrastructure, their culture and their very existence, and not only against their military or government, as propagated in their lies.

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