Setting Administrations On Fire, Smashing Z-Cars: Crimeans Rebel Against Invaders

The representative of Zelensky spoke about the resistance movement in the occupied peninsula


With the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the situation in the Crimea has changed radically. For the first time in 8 years, people saw real hope for liberation from the invaders, so Ukrainian resistance intensified on the peninsula. It manifests itself in different things: someone sets fire to military registration and enlistment offices, someone refuses to sell goods to the Russian military, or does not service their equipment. However, the Crimeans have to answer to the invaders for every such manifestation.

Tamila Tasheva, Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, shared her opinion on the situation in the Crimea on Apostroph TV:

“We are trying to keep track of those resistance actions that take place on the territory of the peninsula. We see that the situation has changed dramatically after February 24 — people understand that strong authorities and the Armed Forces of Ukraine stand behind them. They understand that they can resist, and this is important. We see that there are various types of resistance actions on the peninsula, but they all have a pro-Ukrainian narrative.

Some people directly carried out resistance actions, throwing yellow and blue paint on the occupation administration. Yevpatoria administration was bombarded with an incendiary mixture. There are a number of people who have thrown incendiary mixtures at the occupational military registration and enlistment offices. Residents of certain villages in the Dzhankoy district did not sell milk to the Russian military — this is also a certain kind of resistance in fact: to show that they are not welcome here, that they do not want to support people who are already completely covered in blood. There are people who destroy glass on cars with “Z” symbols, or a service station where they refuse to service a military vehicle. True, this service station was later closed, but they showed their civil position.

There are a lot of such actions. Then all these people are brought to administrative responsibility with a fine of 30 thousand rubles or more, or to administrative arrest. There is, in particular, criminal liability for the spread of “fakes” on the territory of the Crimea, discrediting the army of the Russian Federation. The forms of responsibility for these brave people are very different. I say brave, because they understand that they will be held accountable.

Some, for example, are forced under duress, some under torture, to “apologize” for having committed certain actions. Sometimes people are tried and held accountable even for communicating on social networks. Not only for comments under publications, but even for communication in private chats. Therefore, these are very brave people who are showing this resistance. I think the closer to our victory, the closer to the return of the occupied territories, the greater this resistance will be.

It is important to say that 15 illegal military draft campaigns took place on the territory of the peninsula during the entire period of occupation. Every year, about five thousand people were illegally drafted for military service. This is a violation of the norms of international humanitarian law, because according to the Geneva Convention, the occupying country cannot send people from the territories it occupies not only to war, but also to draft into its armed forces. And they do it. Dozens of thousands of people were drafted into the Russian army during this period in spring and autumn. Accordingly, some of these people were sent to the war against Ukraine.

Most often, they force people to sign quick contracts, and send them to war. Of course, the occupation administration will say that all this is voluntary, but we see little involuntariness in the eyes of people. Many funerals take place on the territory of the peninsula; a lot of the wounded are brought to the territory of the Crimea. These are hundreds, and even thousands of people who die, and then end up in morgues.

Over 500 thousand Russian citizens are now living on the peninsula. Of course, among them there are people of military age who are sent to war, as well as Ukrainian citizens who lived on the territory of the peninsula even before the occupation. Of course, the occupiers use propaganda to attract people to the war, and there is an understanding that some part of the people really go to this war voluntarily.


  1. I can attest to the truth of some of the claims made therein, but, naturally, cannot divulge any details to protect the patriotic heroes. The more successes the UA army has, the worse the problems for the cockroaches will get.

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